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CharacterIndependence and individuality are as important as the greater good of the society. The perfect community is one where no one commands or rules, yet everyone obeys freely.

DescriptionOnce an Indep Village in the Outlands, the inhabitants of Shiny have slowly developed a society so similar to that of Mount Celestia that their little burg simply shifted over to the Seven Heavens. Shiny is made up of about five hundred small huts, each providing living space for single beings or small families. There is no ruler here, and though the inhabitants have a good relationship with the other beings of Mount Celestia, they stay very independent. All citizens of the burg have a particular profession helpful to everyday life. People help each other out without hesitation, yet never ask for such help - indeed, they know each other so well that they always notice when some other inhabitant of Shiny needs help. Some Guvners have already suggested that the "Shinies" (as they call themselves) are on their way to forming a unique Hive Mind, though the former Indeps all laugh at that idea. They strongly care for each other, right, and the whole burg’s like one perfect family - but still, it was an Indep Village once, and with good reason.

Special FeaturesAlthough the inhabitants themselves aren't aware of it, it could be that the Guvner sages are right. All inhabitants of Shiny somehow "feel" when someone in their village needs help, and they know how strong that need is. Far more than a simple social effect, this results in outsiders really feeling like outsiders - not belonging to the people here. They're treated with friendliness, and the Shinies don't understand why many others don't feel too comfortable in their village, but visitors stated that they just didn't feel "right" there, not belonging to the place.

ServicesAt first glance, Shiny is a normal burg; people here produce common goods, although most of it is for their personal use and not for sale. A notable exception is the tailor Shandor, an aaracokra who has specialized in making wonderful clothes from white feathers, seemingly made out of pure, flowing dreams. These are often bought for marriages, Shandor doesn't hesitate to tell. Another notable citizen here is a really strange figure: Chk'drabn, a lawful good illithid who has developed psionic powers to provide him with sustenance. He's a being of many secrets, and even the other Shinies don't know everything about him. A few of the Guvner sages have speculated that it is actually due to his presence that the burg's Hive Mind is forming.

The ChantJust recently, Shiny has taken another slide. It was situated at the shore of the Silver Sea before, while now it is higher up the mountains of Lunia. The inhabitants themselves believe that it might not take much longer before they slide up into the second layer of Mt. Celestia. The said Guvners believe this will only happen when they have formed a complete Hive Mind, when they will be transformed into something utterly new and unique.

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