Serpent Trench

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Hearsay: Somewhere in Bytopia is a strange connection to the dreaded Nessus, were Asmodeus treads. A strange people guard the passage from invaders, but it may be essential to the Blood War to take over this mountain.

Description: The mountain where the Serpent of Wisdom resides is hollow. Yet, there are no open entrances to it. Unknown to many of the plane, the Serpent projects her own shadow on a mountain on the other side. Thus, those that crawl her body up to the top are taken to the second layer.

The body is all red, with ruby-like scales of utmost purity. Her eyes are huge sapphires that seem to have an inner light and her fangs drips honey that works as an antidote to any kind of poison, the same way wisdom can resolve any problem. What many visitors never were aware (to the misfortune of some) is that the Serpent is sentient and alive. Would-be thieves have more than once plummeted to their fates from the two hundred feet tall body.

By speaking a proverb to the mouth, one realizes he was transported to a dense shadowy formation of the same height of the aforementioned that is too inside a hollow mountain. The Yu Kimen watch zealously over it and may help travelers they trust by melding them together with them through the rock to the inside of the mountain on either ends.

Special Conditions: By doing the proper procedure, one is lead to the second layer or back. No spell or weapon can harm the Serpent directly, but spiritual attacks, like law eating, trap the soul or similar can cause anguish to it.

Current Chant: An ex-priest, ex-trader, among many other failures, Toslav Longchiv (Pr/male human/F7/Dispossessed/NE) was charged, by some of the Planar Consortium less ethical members, to destroy the Serpent or prevent anyone from ever reaching it again. So as to avoid interference in the dealings of exclusivity that might bind the Kimen to a never-ending deal. On the other hand, a disguised vrock, Neba (Pl/female tanar'ri/CE) wishes to confirm the rumors. Of course, she figures the best way to study the Serpent of Wisdom is to dispose of its protectors first. 

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