Risen Comet

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    Just SurvivingRisen Comet[Site - Lunia]Copyright © 2000 by Heiner de Wendt

DescriptionThis site is actually a giant crater, about two miles in diameter, with a perfectly beautiful jewel in its center. This jewel seems to be about 30 feet in diameter, although some of the archons dwelling near here know it is far larger, most of it buried in the ground.

Whoever approaches the crater is covered in light broken into a billion colorful rays; beings who stand at the crater seem to become living, always-moving rainbows, softly touched by the jewel's reflections of Lunia's stars and moonlight. These reflections aren't so strong that they can hurt the eye, but many a traveler has been hurt in his soul when he has had to leave this place of beauty. Nearly everyone who's ever seen this place comes back here again and again, almost addicted to its wondrous aesthetics.

Special FeaturesThose who are covered in the jewel's rainbow light for at least an hour are infused with such an understanding of the beauty of colors that they may gain the proficiency of Artwork (Painting). For each hour they see this light, they may make a wisdom check to see if they reach the understanding needed for this. Someone who already has the proficiency can reach a higher state of understanding, gaining one more point in this proficiency. Furthermore, someone who's gained this insight is so talented in the use of colors that he can make a particularly beautiful piece of art every time he rolls a 1,2 or 3 during a proficiency check (instead of only when rolling a 1 on the d20).

Also note, though, that such characters tend to become perfectionists of art, and often throw away good results of their art, accepting only the very best. They strive to create something as beautiful as the Risen Comet, while always knowing they will never manage it. For every month that has passed without them seeing the Risen Comet again, they have to make a Wisdom Check or feel a strong urge to return. They can still choose not to return, but all wisdom-related dice rolls get a penalty of one point. This penalty accumulates each month the Wisdom Check fails; if the penalty becomes as high as the character's wisdom, he will try anything (without violating his alignment, that is) to return to the Risen Comet.

The ChantThe archons and aasimon of Mount Celestia usually keep mortals away from the Risen Comet, though they allow those of particularly high wisdom (16 or higher) to approach, warning them of its dangers beforehand. If they see that someone has become addicted to the place, they usually cast a spell on that person to take away the memory of its utter beauty. There are things on Mount Celestia which were never meant to be seen by mortal eyes.

What exactly the Risen Comet is, and where it got its name, the petitioners and proxies of Mount Celestia aren't willing to tell. Some of them have admitted that they do know, and countless lantern archons travel to this site to gain further insight (indeed, most of those who come here reach the next step on their Paths soon after). During a baatezu attack, it was proven that the Risen Comet holds even more secrets than it was speculated, for both sides fought for the Risen Comet with such passionate fury that a few mortals who witnessed the battle thought the time of the last battle of the multiverse had come, and the forces of Good and Evil would now clash until one side was utterly wiped out.

Although this event happened more than ten thousand years ago, it is still a story that is told again and again in Lunia. Those archons and aasimon who died during the attack are revered highly, and every single defender’s name is still remembered by the people here. Considering that several thousand of the servants of light were slain that day, this is indeed impressive.

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