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[Intermediate power - The Endless Fight, The Senseless Death]
Copyright © 2000 by Antonio Jose Blasco Lopez



AoC: Fight without a reason, wars, corruption, bloodlust

Home P/L/R: Pandemonium/Agathion/Frozen Realm

Symbol: a dagger over a pool of blood.

The history of Rencilla is buried under the millennia that had passed and the spells of enemy powers. She was a quite powerful goddess who inhabited the Abyss; her layer (nowadays lost) was full of the souls who had fought a battle because of anger or bloodlust and of those who killed without thinking. Her church was composed of those with an enormous lack of respect for human life and who deceived other people to fight or kill. Their hunger for power led them near the kings and they were responsible for many wars and catastrophes.

Her influence became so important that other powers began to fear her, not only those gods of harmony, peace, love and beauty. Also those powers of war and death feared her and her power. They conspired against her and found that the best way to get rid of her was launching her into the oblivion since killing her wouldn't be a good idea (mortals could still remember her and with enough belief she would re-appear or even worse, be replaced). And there was the problem of her children, monsters and demigods that brought misfortune and destruction to many prime worlds. An open war against her could mean many deaths.

It was Isis who created a spell that would freeze and imprison her forever. Without her, her children began to lose their power and her priests were easily annihilated and all the signs of her where removed by the most powerful magic. Her bubble in Agathion was forgotten and she stood there for millennia.

Not long ago, a party named the Secretbreakers led by a priestess of Nephytis was making a trip through Agathion to recover the lost power-ring of a powerful lich. Without noticing it, they arrived in the goddess' tomb. Their experience and a good deal of luck and magic let them survive to the incredible cold. When they found the goddess' corpse buried in an ice prison they decided to break it to see who she was and what was hidden there with her. When they broke the first piece of the cell, the priestess knew that something was going terribly wrong and tried to stop her fellows but the imprisoned goddess had already touched them. A fight began and while several members of the party were dying the ice was melting. The four survivors (they had killed their friends, henchmen and even one of them killed his beloved wife) stared the figure that stood before them. She offered them power and a place in her realm. They accepted.

The first thing that Rencilla did was sending them to different places since she needed the belief to continue living. She had not much time before beginning to lose her power and fading into the Astral. She didn't want revenge because it would give sense to her fight but she didn't want her enemies knowing that she was weak and without followers. Up to now she still has no priests but that is going to change soon. The actions of her proxies have begun to bring petitioners to her realm and she is waiting the birth of her first child. This would mean that a prime world is going to feel her wrath very soon. In the past she used her proxies to give birth to awful monsters that were released in a prime world, all people killed by them increased her power, now she wants to continue with this tradition.

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