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For: Chief EngineerSubject:: The green cube.

Believe it or not, but I've actually seen a verdant forested cube. This cube is simply called the Green Cube. The trees of this cube are ironwood trees. They are quite resilient and draw upon the iron cubes for nutrients. Ironwood makes excellent weapons and armor.

This cube appears to be free of damage from colliding with other cubes. As unlikely as this seems, it may be due to the ironwood trees. The only ones who can say for certain are the druids who tend this cube.

The Order of the Verdant Ore, as they call themselves, refuse to comment on the nature of this cube. They are a militant group suspicious of everyone who walks their realm. This order has become so aggressive that they have taken to creating ironwood armor and sword to use against attackers (not to mention other ironwood weapons such as ironwood arrows).

The druids have also noticed something just as important. Their weapons and knowledge of ironwood construction has led them to create massive amounts of cheap and extremely durable weapons for the various militaries of Acheron. The most requested item is ironwood armor.

Yes, ironwood is a hard wood, but it contains iron in it. Ironwood is extremely hard to burn. It's cheaper than metal plate armor and almost as strong. The thing that commanders look at is the recyclability of the ironwood. If it and the wearer are burned, the iron can be harvested and forged into metal weapons and armor. Don't try looking to hard for the Green Cube or any portals to it. It's better to look for a druid of their order in an Acheronian village than it is to search for the cube. Only they know where the cube is. It's a closely guarded secret.

This realm is one of manufacturing equipment to fuel the war machines. Though druids are supposed to be neutral, the plane has twisted the Order of the Verdant Ore into a militia.

Calix Arvandus, Shaper 2.

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