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   The LocalsRaugosheCopyright © 2000 by Martin Lambert[Intermediate power; The White Flame, The Anger of Heaven]

AoC: Paladins and Good WarriorsAL: LGWAL: Any GoodHome P/L/R: Mt Celestia/Solania/The White AltarAllies: Diurness, Haylea, Fyurnail and DessarFoes: Maasara, Renayl, Dwinior, Lorfall, Hynick, and ShraskaSymbol: A white flame on a gray shield.

Raugoshe (Raw gosh) is the Patron of paladins and warriors who use their might for the good of others. He believes in hunting down evil and slaying it where it lives. The priests of Raugoshe see to the training of soldiers and making sure the populace is alerted to the presence of evil. He is constantly pressuring his followers to improve themselves and bring the battle to the enemy. Forever seeking out evil and destroying it is the Mission.

He serves Lyrsator, the God of War. The eternal battle between Renayl (God of evil warriors) and Raugoshe is always watched by their lord and master. Lyrsator and his wife Lyraina (the Goddess of Fate) watch the battles and give one side or the other suggestions from their nearly omniscient viewpoint to preserve the balance.

Raugoshe and his followers the Lesser powers Diurness (God of Rangers, Scouts and Hunters), Haylea (Goddess of Archers) and Fyurnail (Patron of Swordsmen) are common sights on the battlefields of Durinnar. They will exhort their allies, only engaging in combat when someone is so foolish as to challenge them. Usually if they appear, their hated foes Renayl and his followers the lesser powers Dwinior (Stalkers and Hunters) and Lorfall (Avengers and Berserkers) will soon show up to do battle. The battle of the Gods always exactly parallels their followers on the ground. When good loses the mortal battle their Gods will follow them from the field.

Raugoshe’s Avatar (Paladin 30, Specialty Priest 25)

Raugoshe commonly appears as a striking man 15 feet tall wearing chain mail armor and carrying a shield. His long brown hair will be neatly combed and his beard will be short and immaculate. He normally carries a long silver Holy Sword called Twilight’s Bane and is a master in its use. It can glow with an eye tearing light using the sunray power as often as desired. His voice is never raised but can always be heard by his followers regardless of the din of battle. He may cast spells from the spheres of All, Combat, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, Sun, Travelers, War and Weather.

AC –6, MV 18, HP: 225, THACO: -12, #AT: 3Dmg: 2d10+18, MR: 90%, SZ: L (15 ft), Str: 23, Dex: 20, Con: 23, Int: 19, Wis: 22, Cha: 25Spells P: 13/12/11/10/9/8/7

Special Att/DefRaugoshe has never known fear and inspires all his followers who see him with a +1 to hit and morale checks. He is a master with the long sword and a specialist with all other weapons. At any point he can create a Wreath of Flames that causes all evil aligned beings within 10’ to be burned for 2d10 points of damage per round they remain close. Any good aligned being struck by his sword is instantly healed of all damage.

Other ManifestationsRaugoshe will appear as a burning spear to act as a guide to his followers or to signify approval. The flames are always white. He may speak through the spear and use any magic he is capable of.

The ChurchClergy: Crusaders, Specialty Priests and PaladinsClergy Align: Lawful GoodTurn Undead: SP/Yes, Cr/No, Pal/YesCommand Undead: NoAll clergy receive the religion proficiency as a bonus.

The Church of Raugoshe is a knightly order. The daily life of the priest consists of morning meditation followed by confession. After the confession, weapons training will take up the day until lunch. After lunch physical labor will be performed in the community to make sure the priests remain humble. Near twilight patrols will be mounted to make certain the area is secure. Several hours after nightfall the clergy return to their spartan cells for a well-earned rest.

Crusaders and Specialty Priests each make up 40% of the priesthood with Paladins comprising the other 20%. The ranks are based on a military system. Squire-Penitent (levels 1-3), Shieldbearer (4-6), Spearman (7-9), Fist (10+).

DogmaThe priesthood of Raugoshe is dedicated to maintaining martial strength in a community. They will insist on keeping up the local militia and will offer training in the military art. Each priest must undertake a quest at some point in his career. Venturing out to do his part against evil. Evil must never be tolerated and steps must be taken to ensure the community never becomes weak and ripe to fall.

Specialty Priests (White Flames)Requirements: Strength 13, Constitution 12, and Wisdom 14Prime Requisite: Strength, WisdomAlignment: Lawful GoodSpheres: Major: All, Combat, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, Sun, WarMinor: Travelers, WeatherLimitation: No armor heavier than chain with shield, Code of Honor, May not use magic that affects a warrior’s ability to fight on themselves.Bonus Proficiencies: Land-Based Riding, Religion

Detect Evil, Detect Undead, Inspire Allies, Turn Undead, Weapon Selection (Any), three attacks per round at 7th level. Two attacks per round at 13th level.

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