RanDOm (unique cosmic occurrence)

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An exerpt from the Notes of Dr Byran Lorft - Senior consultant of the mind , The Fraternity of Order.

Day 201 Year the forth:Today we received the normal rabble of Barmys from the Hardheads , and sent them duely to the Gatehouse. Among their number however was one who peaked my interest. He claimed to be Sir Alex Fernholt , a highly regarded member of the Fraternity who had gone missing some three years hence.Referring back to the records , the man who stood before me bore only the slightest resemblance. Both his demeanor and personality differed from those noted. However , when questioned he showed a peculiar knowledge of the Order's inner workings , something no commoner or would ever have known. Seeking to learn more I questioned him for several weeks with the aid of a particular drug of which composition I will not divuldge here.The tale of which he spun was quite amazing , and although I cannot vouch for its credibility (for such was the state of this man's mind that it may have been a delusion he imposed on himself) it could prove of interest to any of the more adventurous of the order. Following is an edited and abriviated version of the tale he related. Packing my rucksack with the relevant supplies , I set off to meet my guide. Limbo was a dangerous place for the unprepared , but I had invested in the very best of mundane, mechanical and magical aids. I intended to be prepared to the upmost to corner my quarry. If indeed my quarry existed of course. You see what I chased was an aberration of the law of the planes , even within limbo (itself an ever changing place of chaos) it was rumored to break the lax laws that existed. By learning of and harnessing its power , I hoped to gain an insight into loopholes that would allow me to control reality.I met my guide in the Bazaar , no doubt he was some freeloader Indep. However the chant did boast of this particular fellows experience when it came to the chaotic planes , and that was all that mattered to me. After arranging my fee , Tantos the guide led me through the maze of shops that consisted the Bazzar into a dead-end. Here he produced a pair if multi colored capes , which we both donned. The telltale glow of a portal beckoned us onward and we passed under an arch to arrive within the Limbo.At first the landscape around us was disorientating, both everything and nothing at the same time. Thankfully Tanto closed his eyes for a short moment , and a ground materialized beneath our feet. Over the coming weeks we transversed the nothingness , and as we did I learnt the way in which my thoughts could shape the plane around me. We travelled far and wide , visiting the denizens of this awful plane , asking of rumors of our target. Most however knew little , or just ancient folk tales. Eventually we came across a band of Githzeri who although polite were altogether inhospitable. However following some haggling by Tanto we convinced them to allow us to speak to the elder they carried with them. The elder confided in us that she had seen our prey, all be it many centuries ago when she was but a babe. This being our only real clue thus far we set off to the location the hag had accounted.Arriving at the site , we were disappointed that it appeared no different than any other place within Limbo. Many hours of investigation later , Tantos alerted me that he had found a trace of *something else* as he called it. Another hour and he was following a trail of the substance. Remaining skeptical (for I could see nothing out of the ordinary for this plane) I followed the guide. Soon I began to see the iregularites myself , a floating flower , a flickering flame and some things more strange. These things within limbo were not unusual , but such was their force that they pervaded even the personal fields of thought that we had wrapped ourselves within.Maybe two weeks passed as we followed the trail. The proto-objects becoming more plentifull as we continued. At last I saw what I was sure I was searching for. Ahead of us lay a cloud of whirling colours , ever changing with tendrils waving out into space. With each touch , a new item was formed from the plane. Immediately , I gathered my magical protections and donned the special suit of armour that the grand library informed me would protect me from chaos. Motioning to my guide to follow , he shook his head and indicated he would stay here. Paying him no matter I propelled myself towards the cloud.Plunging into the phenomenon, the twinkling lights surrounded me , flashing on and off in random patterns. I floated , watching , observing. Eventually I became tired of the spectical and decided to try to communicate. "WHAT ARE YOU?" I shouted into the cloud.No reply. After all these years of searching , waiting , surely my quest could not have been in vain. I would not return to the Order with nothing more than a tale of flashing lights and protomatter. Invoking protection spells I removed the helm of the armour. Imidiately around me was ablaze with images - my childhood , my apprenticeship my time in the order. A woman's voice from the left , a Mans from the right , High elvish , Common , Draconian, the languages merged. The images began to warp and change , I saw myself enrolling with the sensate - I saw the Fraternity chasing me , beating me. Red was Blue , Blue was a Bark , a Dog flew through the air. Chaos rushed into my mind. I could not comprehend I could not understand , the present was a blur.I awoke eventually to the face of Tantos. He asked me who I was. I replied I was Sir Alex Fernholt of the Order. Something did not feel right about that , I had been a member of the Sensate my whole life had I not?. A look of disbelief in his eyes , the guide passed me a small shaving mirror. My own face looked back at me , my nose was too large ? too small ? my eyes the wrong color ? After some convincing Tantos led me back through a portal to Sigil , where I immediately reported to the Festhall to relate my experiences to the Factor with the being I now call RaNDom.I looked into the Sensates papers , and they did indeed note a "Sir Alex Fernholt" attempting to gain access to the festhall two weeks ago. Since then this person was found preaching his tale around the steets of the Ladys ward. Evedently his ranting annoyed some high up and he was marked out by the Harmonium. Anyhow I have fowarded this candidate the the cabal for processing.LorftRaNDom (unique cosmic occurrence)Appearance:RaNDom is a unique outsider who only appears within Limbo. It looks like a 100 footish square swirling vortex of multi-colored lights with an ever changing shape. Tendrils sweep out in a non-predictable matter leaving a wake of stable random proto-items behind it.Encounter:RaNDom acts with no perivable intelligence or motive. It just is. Outside of its 'body' Limbo is much like normal except the random proto items it forms. These items can be of any size up to 10x10 and on occasion can imitate magical properties up to 3rd level or +2. One in a thousand of these items is unusually stable , taking D6 x D6 x D6 standard years to decay if left with limbo. Unlike normal items formed in this way the items formed by RaNDom can exist outside the plane , but age 100 times as fast.Inside the cloud is much more chaotic, visibility is limited to 10 foot. Each round remaining within the cloud a player must roll D6 on the following table. A player of chaotic alignment subtracts one from the roll whereas a lawful player adds one.0-1: No effect this turn2: Random spell effect of up to 3rd level (positive or negative)3: Altered perceptions (see below)4: Physical alteration (see below)5: Alternative past experienced (see below)6-7: Synaptic overload (see below)No effects are experienced if a player is fully enclosed within a +3 or greater magic armour. If a player attempts to exit the cloud they must roll a 6 on D6 to successfully do so , this applies to all forms of travel including teleportation or plane shift.Altered perceptions:The player begins to experience a change in what appears to be real. The first stages of this are mild , as if spotting patterns in the swirling lights or a companion being taller than usual. On further occurrences this progresses to the more extreme and bizarre , eventually ending with senses mapping over themselves - so you can smell colors and touch sounds. After exiting the body of RaNDom , these effects fade within an hour.Alternative past:The player experiences flashes of a history that is contrary to reality. Wherever appropriate this past will resemble the opposite of their real past. These changes are utterly convincing to the participant(although they do not really happen) , the more changes the player experiences the more convincing and permanent the changes are. If left long enough the player may no longer be able to relate to their real past , and in fact will find it abhorrent.Physical Alteration:The player experiences an alteration to their physical shape. The first changes are small and cosmetic changing things like eye color or shape of ears. As the changes progress they can eventually affect major transformation equivalent to anything possible by the polymorph self spell. All these changes are permanent and unremovable via anything less than a wish.Synaptic overload:The pure chaos overwhelms the player rendering them unconscious for D6x10 rounds. Apply All three of the above effects to appropriate levels , and leave the player outside RaNDom.
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