Piedra de Hijada

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Just Surviving Piedra de Hijada [Burg] Copyright © 1999 by Leo

Character: Feel space around you, both the suavity of air and structure of the stone. The earth never simply stands still. It moves and cracks, showing the need for tolerance.

Ruler: The one-of-a-kind Tsavorite (Pl/female yu kimen/LG) is a kind and crystal clear soul. She has an amazing potential for dealing with people and bringing their best, an almost magical sway. It is said she was appointed by the Serpent itself. She is very fragile, both physically and emotionally. She grew up in the isolation of training, because of her special gift.

Behind the throne: The Serpent of Wisdom is the ultimate adviser of all Yu Kimen. She has mercy, compassion and all virtues to teach them.

Description: The city is unlike most on the planes, except perhaps for the one on the Gray Waste, being on both layers at the same time. It is a strange interconnection of tunnels, platforms and roosts that were built on one of the tallest, almost reaching, mountains of Bytopia. The city conforms to respective gravities, touching in few places of the Kimen-only districts, mostly.

Houses have no doors or windows, but some, that are more important, are made of metal walls and doors, a thing even the Kimen won't cross. In the Lone Wind district, houses are made in visitors style, even those of the Kimen, for convenience.

Militia: The Talons, a female strike force, acts as censors to all activity as Tsavorite orders. As visitors are faced with adverse environment conditions, few dare anger the Kimen.

Services: All stonemasonry, sculpture and rides to the other layer are sought after by outsiders. Their prices are accessible and ready for exportation. Some say the Kimen are looking forward to being their own sellers in Sigil and beyond. Others point out that Tradegate is the realm of many a sly Merkhant and such seems unlikely. The gnome imports can be found here at higher prices. Another alternative and unusual service here is rock transportation. The Yu Kimen have some specialists that are capable of moving whole temples without having to break it down. They will not allow people to watch their methods, though.

Current Chant: The beautiful and timid Tsavorite is having confusing thought lately. She has been thinking of running away for a while, feeling they will find someone better for the task. The Serpent does know of it already, but is assured of the girl's need for experience.

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Re: Piedra de Hijada

The city conforms to respective gravities, touching in few places of the Kimen-only districts, mostly.

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