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The Locals Peorth Gorgeous Lady, Lover of Roses, Our Maid of Eternity Copyright © 1999 by Shizumaru
AoC:  Eternity, Forever, Immortality, Romantic Beauty/Love
AL:  CG                                  WAL:  Any Good
Symbol:  A pink rose in full bloom
Home P/L/R:  Arborea (Ossa)/ Island of Roses and Evergold
Known Proxies:  Gorgeous Rose (Px/ Aasimon, Deva/M10)

Peorth's Avatar29td level Druid/ 26th level ClericStr: 12, Dex: 22, Con: 15, Int: 20, Wis: 21, Cha: 25

Avatar DescriptionsPeorth appears as a woman in her mid-twenties (around age 26). She can usually be seen wearing black tank tops and a brown jacket. She can also be seen carrying roses. Her hair is black and long; she ties it in a ponytail just behind her neck and let the rest flows like river down her waist. She has a diamond marking on her forehead and a diamond marking on each side of her eyes.

Powers Granted To Priests·when joining the priesthood, the priesthood gains the benefit of longevity as though they have drunk potions of longevity, if any member leaves the priesthood, the effects wears off.·spells in the sphere of Charm and Sun have their casting time reduced by half (minimum 1 round) and those that require material component may ignore them. Instead roses are replaced as material components.·immune to physical aging·at 5th level able to cast music of the spheres once per day·at 7th level able to cast Confusion once per week·at 10th level able to cast Transport via plants twice per week·at 18th level summon 2d6 earth elementals to protect the priests.

MotivationLife is too short (say the humans at least) play hard. Unfortunately some find that they have wasted their lives just playing or just working. So why don't we live longer? Peorth controls this department. Her job is to ensure that the mortals lead a fulfilling long life.

Others claim that they have cheated death by descending into Undeath, more horrifying, they have cheated life itself, for they can no longer be considered alive or dead. Peorth finds all undead distasteful and are at odds with gods of Undeath such as Thasmudyan and Morigion who claims to grant immortality to their fellow worshippers only to cheat them of their rewards. Peorth's priest never truly die, they live at a very long age and despite that they still look as if they are in their prime (eternal youth), when they "die" their spirits forms into light aasimons who serve Peorth for eternity. A dream for many such priest.


Proxy Peorth has a deva proxy called Gorgeous Rose. Gorgeous Rose has thick curly blond hair and she is kinda unique because instead of wearing some sort of cloth or clothing, Gorgeous Rose wears thick rose stems which covers only the parts which needs to be covered.

Gorgeous RoseAasimon, Deva, generalStr: 10, Dex: 19, Con: 15, Int: 18, Wis: 18, Cha: 25

Powers: Standard general deva abilities and she can cast any priest or wizard elemental earth spells. In relation to the casting time and maximum number of spells she can cast she is regarded as a 10th level mage, but in relation to damage and duration she is considered a 50th level mage.

Attacks: Gorgeous Rose uses a silver dagger +4, double damage vs. undead. The dagger can cast holy word ten times per day.

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