Oath of the Order of the Planes-Militant

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    The LocalsOath of the Order of the Planes-MilitantCopyright © 2000 by Heiner de Wendt

“I vow to renounce greed, to abandon material wealth, and to live in poverty and humility. I will not own more than I need to live and to be able to fulfill my tasks.

I vow to live in chastity, to love only one person and to keep this love for all of my life. I will only give in to physical love with that one person, and only after marriage.

I vow to defend the ideals of Mount Celestia constantly and persistently, to aid my brothers and sisters of the Order of the Planes-Militant in times of need without hesitation, to always uphold the laws of the Order, and to support the forces of Goodness and Purity wherever I can.

I vow to spread the message of Good and the ideals of Mount Celestia in word and deed, so that hope and understanding fills the minds and souls of those who have not yet accepted these ideals. I vow never to attempt to force someone on to the right path, but to convince others by the example of my words and deeds.

I vow never to give in to the temptations of chaos, doubt, avarice and evil, and to strive to embrace the ideals of Mount Celestia forever more.”

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