New Nimur

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Lay o' the Land New Nimur Copyright © 1999 by Rasgon

"We called it Clueless Street, and laughed, but I'll tell you: those cutters are tough!"

After their homes were destroyed by a rival city-state, refugees from the prime material city of Nimur fled to the ziggurat at the center of the city. The siege lasted a long time, but eventually the citizens were forced to the final level, where their god was believed to live. Aware that they would soon be slaughtered and proud of his people's devotion and bravery, the god Nimur used the last of his resources to open a portal for them to escape through. He didn't know it, but Nimur's portal led the Nimurians to Automata, from which the surviving people moved ultimately to Sigil.

New Nimur is a new neighborhood in the Clerk Ward, built in an abandoned fensir barrio recently razed by the dabus. It took some doing, but the Nimurians have built homes for themselves very similar to those they left behind. The mud they made their bricks out of is Sigilian mud, and thus caustic and not a little magical, but they've made do.

Two sites within New Nimur:

Essence Market: The Essence Market is a grand bazaar for the subtle substances many planar creatures crave: bits of souls, life energy, essence of fear, the shadows of food and drink, distilled joy, odors, and more. The streets are filled with boxes, tents, and pushcarts loaded with jars, crystals, gemstones and other exotic containers warded to contain their rare and precious contents. Gingwatzim, shadow creatures, xeg-yi, xeg-ya, wraiths, elementals, spectres, will-o'-the-whisps, killimouli, nalfeshnee, archons and many other creatures flood the place daily, indulging themselves in free samples and stockpiling rare goods. This is a good place to find certain kinds of entities.

Serendipity Street: Communal serendipities from a demiplane of fate have colonized this neighborhood, living in the same space-time as its fleshy denizens. As their relentless feeding on local malign possibilities results in beneficent coincidences for all that come near, those who recognize them generally welcome the serendendipities. The serendipity clan rarely remains in the same place for very long, since there are only so many possibilities available at any one time and place, so Sigilians usually happen across it when they're looking for someplace else. 

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