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HearsayOne of the orbs of Carceri has some strange properties. Many weapons are there for the taking and the adventurous. No one knows why they have been left there, but some say there is some power that stimulates conflict providing these weapons - some found are even of baatorian green steel. Those that can make the hard trip to the fourth layer should be going.

DescriptionAs soon as a basher arrives in this miserable orb he finds out the hard way why most weapons lay on the ground. The whole place acts as a giant magnet and only a titan could possibly take the weapons from the ground. Why it is this way? No one knows, not even the bloodthirsty gehreleth that wait for unsuspecting disarmed berks who get stranded here. Both tanar'ri and baatezu have stone fortifications here, but they restrict hostilities to minor skirmishes, trying to find out the dark of the place.

Besides the strange soil, this orb also is riddled with the mountains typical to Colothys, making it even more dangerous for ironclad warriors to visit it, as they might plummet from the gigantic peaks. From afar the orb looks grayish-black and in some places it is possible to find many arms of all types, even green steel. Getting them out is an entire different problem.

Special ConditionsAny metal coming here begins to weigh about fifty times more than before, with the result that fighters in full armor will be held to the ground with a pull of about 1750 kg, very likely crushing them to a bloody pulp, unless they can make it out fast. Even a dagger will weigh 25 kg. Gold and silver will also rip any pouch they have been put into.

Some spells are very useful in fighting off the orb's effects: Grease, Stoneskin, shape-changing ones, Disintegration, Glassteel, etc., however Astral or extra-dimensional ones suffer a mysterious 20% chance of failure with results similar to teleportation gone awry.

Recent HappeningsSome Athasian knights of the post have been luring troops and travelers into the place, so they can dead-book them and take their possessions. Others just keep spreading the story about the lost place of weapons-a-plenty.

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Re: Magneto

I could see this as a great place to banish knights to.

If the magnetism works through an open portal? Even better! Open a gate in the middle of an enemy army!


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