Hive Ward by Night

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Lay o' the Land Hive Ward by Night Copyright © 1999 by Leonardo Wilhelm

Random encounters (roll 1d12)

01-Encounter a barmy Ooze orc bard from the Hive, who is singing lullabies.

02-Slums are full of disease, have them find out the effect of some lower planar ones on the humanoid body.

03-Noises, many voices follow you. Something yelled out about entrails then screams asking for help slowly turn into maniacal laughter. Steps. Above and below mumbling.

04-Fiends, big ones with sharp claws and drooling. Things in the dark beckoning to them in the alley or maybe a little light in the dark flickering with images of the Abyss.

05-Zombies from the Mortuary on the loose with overturned tombstones everywhere.

06-Slags, "Don't stray from the path as I cannot assure your safety," Kadyx, the unseen monster from In the Cage.

07- A murder (or several) is committed. No one cares, no one hears. The murderer doesn't even bother with them, just saying "Shhh!"

08-Ooze puddles. In the night, they look like pieces of darkness come alive.

09-Some Dustmen passing with a wagon of bodies, some still move, some Dustmen don't.

10-Hellish nightclubs and hellish cults. Hellish sacrifices in the middle of the street involving hellish children.

11-Ghettos with very angry homeless. Goblins and other humanoids maybe even githzerai.

12-Bad children want to rob them and try to spook or lead them into danger.

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