Hinterlands, part I - Mechanus

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Just SurvivingHinterlands, part I - MechanusCopyright © 2000 by Sheula Ralom'pa

We have all wondered about the hinterlands, but like clueless berks, even the most experienced planewalkers are afraid of what lies beyond the gates.

Recently, while on an excursion to the Land, walking along the river Ma'at, I came across a Journal, with notes from travels scribbled in it in a sort of Shorthand. Deciphering what I could, I saw that it told of a planewalker's travel across the Hinterlands. Perhaps across is not the best word to use here.

From the clearly written name on the inside front cover, her name was Mag Flenok. Even through my extended research and translation, I have failed to discover what race she was (or is), or anything more about her than what may be gleaned from the details of conversations in this book. She seems to be quite a blood. Well, then. The first group of entries I managed to translate are the ones relating to the Hinterlands beyond Mechanus.

3rd Lady of PivotCrossing this landscape, while invisible, I happened on quite a sight. I had a fly spell on me, 'cause the ground looked soddin' dangerous! Saw this berk, tiefling by my guesses (had a sort of dark look about 'im). He happened across a sort of line - at least, that's what it looked like from where I was. Then he seemed to bump into something.

Going over to investigate, I saw a huge sphere, and I mean HUGE! It looked like a bloody modron that's how weird it was. Then I heard some freakish sound, and the sod's body just disappeared! Then I hear a voice inside my head. Now, it wasn't like those telepathic bashers, just going in your head, this was like it was my own thoughts.

I could tell it was that poor tief trying to tell me something, though. Have no idea how he could have seen me! So it seems that I'm thinking, and it goes something like this:

"Lady, you've gotta listen. My consciousness is gonna dissolve in a few minutes, with no body and all, so bear me some patience. Ya know how everytime a Modron is killed, a lower one takes its place? Well, Primus doesn't just create the monodrones out of himself, ya know! Then they would be just machines. He needs to imbue 'em with a soul, a conscience, otherwise they can't interact. Now, I know they don't interact much at the lower "ranks", but higher-ups need a burst of life. So the poor berk, in this case, me, who walks into this sphere gets scragged. It's not an evil act. Only lost, irreparable souls are taken - explains why you weren't. The sphere is everywhere, and nowhere. I don't know how you saw it, but you did. And now you can know the dark of it.

See... when a sod's body is killed, his consciousness becomes incorporeal. Ever notice how berks can behave strangely, yet not remember what happened? That's the work of the consciousness of deaders. Only those who can accept their state live on. There is a five percent chance that the deader has accepted his new existence. Others just dissipate.

That ain't true for those scragged in the Mechanus portion of the Hinterlands. The berks remain aware of themselves, all right, but when a modron is killed, down into Mechanus you go. 'Course, you forget all you've known during your previous "life".

When you are accepting, thats when It starts. You can go into the minds of weaker berks just by concentrating. You can make 'em do little things, like pick up objects, but not much else. Yeah, and influence them a bit too. The poor sod's personality gets a little more lawful.

How do I know this? Well you see, when you meet the sphere, you....."

Then the voice disappeared from my head. No physical evidence remains. Hey, I'm no barmy! This really happened.

3rd Guild of PivotGot back into Automata after 3 days of wandering. Gotta get back to Sigil, and get that jink. 3 months he hasn't paid me. Knight of the Cross Trade he is!

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