Harmony House

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Lay o' the Land Harmony House Copyright © 1999 by Torsten Bernhardt

Most see the Harmonium as a faction that is more than willing to beat in the head of anyone that disagrees with them, and the actions of a substantial portion of the Hardheads gives them their all-too-well deserved nickname. There does exist a substantial number of members who disagree with this tactic and believe that true harmony will only come when all willingly accept the faction's beliefs.

This subfaction is known within the Harmonium as the Peacemakers, and their existence in the otherwise united front presented by the Hardheads is only made possible by the fact that the factol believes that their methods should be the first attempted, with violence used only when needed. Unity enforced by the end of a truncheon is only unity as long as the truncheon is wielded, they say, and the goal of the Harmonium is to eventually put away all truncheons once they are no longer needed. To this end, and with Sarin's backing and generous support, they have created Harmony House.

The site lies in the Lower Ward at the very edge of the Hive. It's a large lot, which has been cleared and planted with a harmonious garden that thrives despite the air. At the end of a straight walkway at the far end of the lot lies Harmony House, a large marble structure built along classical lines, with little ostentation. A plaque by the front doors states "Harmony House. Enter and welcome." Inside, a calm diffuse light is everywhere, and a calming aura suffuses the place. This aura is due to several Lawbringers that are found behind the scenes, keeping the law here. There are guestrooms, game rooms, and baths throughout the house, and guests may stay for as long as they want. A deva called Pantaquiel (planar/female monavic deva/HD 8/Harmonium/LG) warmly welcomes every visitor.

Pantaquiel is actually in charge of Harmony House, and will gladly spend hours talking to visitors about its aims, as she believes that everyone will agree with the Harmonium's goals once they fully understand them. The house contains a large number of books on law and philosophy, all of which inexorably lead the reader towards accepting the faction's viewpoint. The Lawbringers' aura keeps anyone from involuntarily breaking the law, meaning that only conscious, deliberate trespasses are possible. Serious offences are dealt with by summoning guards and handing the violator over to the courts, but minor violations lead to calmly-worded reprimands from Pantaquiel, and only if guests fail the house's own Rule of Three (violating the rules three times) are they given to Sigil's forces of law.

The goal of Harmony House is to convince visitors that the Harmonium is in the right in a non-confrontational, non-violent way. Discussions, reading, examples of the benefits of harmony are all means by which the message is propagated. Its location at the edge of the Hive has led to the Harmonium's ideas being presented to a crowd that usually would only see the faction as opponents in their everyday life. To date, it has been very successful, although most chaotic types who find their way here leave fairly quickly, whether by choice or in chains.

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