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Just SurvivingGreenspawnCopyright © 2000 by Gary L. Ray[Town]

CharacterGreenspawn purports itself to be the center of the Tanar’ri soul coin efforts. Although there appears to be an unlimited supply of gold in the realm for minting coins, the supply of soul energy of high enough quality greed is limited. Greenspawn has an advantage in this area, as it’s the one place in the realm where petitioners first appear, "spawned" from a pool of slag in the center of town. While competitors in the slave trade must traverse the harsh realm to bring in slaves from the outside, Greenspawn is unique in that petitioners appear each day, ready for distribution to the minters in the iron fortresses.

RulerSince anyone can remember, Algen, a tenacious Glabrezu (Pl/male (glabrezu)/Fa/CE) has ruled Greenspawn without mercy. Algen uses intrigue, espionage and assassination in a remarkably organized fashion in controlling his town’s place in the realm. Through careful management of the slave trade, Algen maintains a high price for the dark souls he sells while at the same time controlling the level of production (and thus value) of the soul coins.

Behind the ThroneThe town steward is a Marilith named SweetTouch (Pl/female (marilith)/Fa/CE). SweetTouch oversees slave negotiations between the Tanar’ri minters, controls security within the town and outlying region and ensures the safety of slave shipments. SweetTouch is in competition with Algen and often tries to point out his errors, one up his accomplishments or undermine his intrigues and assassinations with underhanded plans of her own. It is rumored that both SweetTouch and Algen are competing under the same balor master, who actually transports the slaves magically to Greenspawn himself. SweetTouch is motivated by her hatred of the Baatezu and her desire to help win the Blood War, while Algen seems interested mostly in what’s good for Algen.

DescriptionDespite the huge amounts of wealth flowing through Greenspawn, there is surprisingly little spent on maintaining the city. The city is composed of decrepit buildings, a rickety wooden slave bazaar and a crumbling downtown area of shops and provisioners, all at prices 3-5 times normal. The town defenses, although appearing as run down as the town, are actually in sound structural shape.

MilitiaSweetTouch commands a sizable force in defense of the city, including twenty herds of armanites, seven babau, hordes of manes, and if pressed, a Molydeus ally from outside the realm that she’s been saving for a showdown with Algen. Neither Algen nor the rumored Balor lord knows of her dangerous ally.

ServicesGreenspawn’s stores are well stocked, especially in regards to mining equipment, provisions, and weapons. Of course the prices are 3-5 times the normal rate.

Boris, a Shadow Fiend, runs The Dark Dominion, an inn constructed entirely of shadowstuff. Although Boris’ prices are often reasonable, he only accepts gems, like many of his Shadow Fiend brethren. Boris is surprisingly friendly and polite, often asking a berk about his plans and his background. This act of friendliness is Boris sizing up his potential victims. Those of strong intellect and little power are fair game for Boris’ magic jar spell. Most victims mysteriously disappear, although they’re most likely in the till.

Slaves are readily for sale here. A group assembled by SweetTouch, known as "The Dark" comprises a contingent of Shadow Fiend appraisers that determine the selling price of new slaves. "The Dark" tend to avoid trouble, instead focusing on their work and the joy they receive from first pick of the slaves. SweetTouch lets "The Dark" have their first choice, usually those of intellect, unless the intelligent victim happens to be particularly greedy.

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