Freedom’s dig

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Just SurvivingFreedom’s dig[Site – Colonthys]Copyright © 2000 by Bart Van Riet

HearsayChant goes that somewhere in one of the pearls in Carceri a special portal exists. This portal is a large arc with above it the words “You are forgiven”. The portal supposedly leads everybody including those imprisoned from Carceri.

DescriptionMaybe eons ago for some dark reason Etravanis, an Ultroloth, was imprisoned on Carceri. During his travels on the pearls he heard the chant of the forgiving portal. From that time on he spend all his time in finding the portal and getting even with those who put him on Carceri. Through the use of complex divination spells (costing some 20 odd comrades to cast) he narrowed the area down to three adjacent pearls in Colothys. Since the portal couldn’t be found on the outside, he’s now leading a mining colony that is turning the pearls inside out.

The mining colony named “Freedom’s dig” has been operative for more then five millennia. The result is that the three pearls are littered with millions of miles of tunnels. The miners include in their number prisoners, hoping that the portal will be found when they are still alive. Also, included are petitioners and other volunteers sent by powerful inmates (most of them don’t believe a word of the portal but if it is found they don’t want to be left behind), and last but not least the innocent plane-walking travelers.

Since the mining colony is divided over three pearls, there are three supervisors who report directly to Etravanis. The first is Modanko, a Nycaloth, Etravanis gated him in from the Gray Waste and therefore he is a prisoner as long as Etravanis lives (or until the portal is found). The second is Irriero. She is a Yagnoloth and not a prisoner on Carceri but in helping Etravanis she hopes to be promoted. The third is Sir Bruce Willante (pl/male aasimar/ F16 (used to be Pa16) / LG) a former paladin of Forseti (justice). The evil (?) act he committed still remains dark, but it caused him to be imprisoned. Bruce is convinced that when he finds the portal, he will be forgiven and returned to paladin-hood.

Special featuresBecause of the extensive mining, there are easy to travel roads on these pearls. Travelling through the tunnels makes the journey between Minethys and Porphatys a walk in the park. There are only two things to keep in mind. First, since there are miles upon miles of tunnels, don’t get lost this is fairly easy compared to the second thing and that is don’t get caught. If you’re caught you can look upon a long career as a miner.

The DarkIf the portal exists, and if it were ever found, it would make all escapes ever from every prison in the multiverse as insignificant as a flea in the Outlands. If the portal is found there will be hundreds of thousands criminals flooding the planes seeking vengeance on those responsible for putting them on Carceri in the first place.

On the other hand, if the portal doesn’t exist, what did Etravanis find with his divination spells?

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