Fountain of Solid Dreams

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Found of a relative nearness to the realm of Olympus, this highly magical fountain looks similar to the Fountain of Eternal youth. About 10 feet in diameter, with four small side pools about 2 feet in diameter, it is quite a sight to see. The side pools are separate from the main pool, which boasts a seven-foot tall spout in its middle that sprays the majestic liquid of the fountain almost 10 feet in the air. There are no loose drops to fall on passer-by, the water falls and rises as one continuous stream.

Captivation by its beauty is simple; it is constructed completely out of solid, never tarnishing white marble. The four side pools are positioned to each of the cardinal directions. The first, to the east, boasts a rich blue color, as blue as can be imagined. A drink of it provides the effects of Emotion: Irrational Glee. To the south, a spectacular bright red colored pool confers >Emotion: Melancholy. The western pool is majestic lavender and a draft of it makes the feeling of Emotion: Contentment and Satisfaction. The deep black pool to the north makes a body feel Emotion: Baseless Rage.

The main pool is much more powerful, while a full drink from the side fountains and a sip confer the same effects; the main pool is different. A full drink from the main pool kills! One drop of the main fountain on a sleeping person's head and you can tell whether their dream is pleasing to them. Two drops reveal the above and the number of living things in the dreams. Three drops lets you see one second of the dream, it also starts to wake the person, they will wake in one turn. Four drops create a three-inch recreation of the dream on the ground. It lasts thirty seconds. Five drops brings the entire dream to life.

All creatures have maximum hit points for their hit-dice. Even unique creatures are recreated this way. After 1d4 turns all created objects disappear. The effects are cumulative, that is to achieve the second stage, first one drop must be put on the victim, then two more. By creating a drop of liquid equally composed of the four side pools, and dropping it on the head of the subject exactly one second after the last drop of the 5th [5 Drop stage], the objects are extracted from the dream permanently, and can be killed.

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