Delayed Vengeance

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Just Surviving Delayed Vengeance Copyright © 1999 by Leo

An excerpt from "Planes of Disease" from famous Dustman doctor Hikelliam, who argues the that diseases are a right way to offer death, saying that artificial means are not adequate to evolution.

A Baatorian malaise that acts in conjunction with other infections. The baatezu claim credit for bringing its existence to the multiverse, although sources claim the disease older than life itself. Nevertheless, the baatezu make extensive use of it for its contract-enhancing properties.

Contagion is made by the means of skin contact, usually during the signing of a contract. The effects are according to the exposure to the microbe. Small quantities cause any present or incubating disease in a being to delay its development for another month. Larger amounts may delay it for centuries.

When the baatezu offer a cure to an epidemic, they sign the contract making bonds based on time or on a possible claim that they are not obliged in any way to cure future diseases. Many have traded their souls for false cures for their families or communities, only to die some time after.

There's no possible treatment, except for powerful spells targeted specifically at the microbe. Wish, Limited Wish or Heal should be enough, as long as the intent and focus is right. Otherwise, it is capable of hiding itself from generic cures.

Sometimes the baatezu sell limited quantities of it to upper planar communities with epidemic problems that depend on hard to find cures. The time is usually enough to save them, but usually the original disease was spread by the baatezu in first place.

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