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Just Surviving Dên [Burg] Copyright © 1999 by Leo

Character: The soul is tainted by an evil counterpart. There are fivefold ways of keeping coarse desires at bay. The virtues of Law and Evil must be upheld.

Ruler: The city does have a formal government and ruler, but his true form is not of the so-called King Yamato, but that of Ghost Dancer (Pl/male gelugon W7/LE), a cunning and enterprising baatezu that is very knowledgeable in matters relating with spirits.

Behind the throne: However, the true hand behind all deliberation and the very project is Vencharos (Pl/male pit fiend/LE), called "the whiner" by some. He typically stays in Sigil in the Fortune's Wheel tavern, pretending to be a baatezu high-up down on luck and ignoring comments from people like Shemeshka or Zadara, preferring to stick to the Dark Eight's opinion of his achievements and scholarly studies.

Description: The city is square, with a large palace at its center. There isn't anything out of the norm in here. Folks believe they are living in a desert named Dis and serve the royal lineage of good king Yamato. He brings stability and assurance of a higher order and motive for things. Thus, they fight harder to conquer their P'o. The townspeople go about their lives, in a most lawful evil way, harvesting, fighting against the foul climate and trading with people from the Iron City of Dis, which they believe is the capital of the great neighboring empire of Emperor Furcas.

Some may be willing to move when relations get established, try their luck in the city or some other place. Ghost Dancer has thought about this and is wondering if his plan could apply to the recruitment of gate-towns. He is still considering building an Outlands city once he gets support from Furcas. The effectiveness of said method will suffer a difficult test with such exposure to the planes and its travelers, but if it succeeds, then it will be for more than just Prime slavery.

Militia: The king's soldiers deal harshly with most troublemakers. They're all people on the edge, so those that makes things harder must realize the need for discipline. Any real threat to security will be dealt by the mysterious Royal Guard of the king, actually disguised baatezu.

Services: The city is not really opened to visitors. Most are disguised baatezu that are part of the experiment and testing. Of course, they won't ruin the experiment to stop some clueless bunch from entering. They are more likely to try to submit them to an infusing of a P'o and set them free to see the effects it has on planars.

Current Chant: Seemingly, Furcas of the Dark Eight will be visiting town anytime now. To the townspeople it is a great emperor that comes to offer protection and trade agreements to the king. Seems like Ghost Dancer is not without his sense of irony.

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I like this.


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