Ciphers Doom

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Just SurvivingCipher's DoomCopyright © 2000 by Leo

Excerpts from "Planes of Disease" by the famous Dustmen doctor Hikelliam, who argues that diseases are the right way to offer death, saying that artificial means are not adequate to evolution.

A rather curious affliction, it was given its name from its effects on an exploration group of the Transcendent Order that was stranded in Cathrys. After fighting hordes of hulking gehreleths, they entered a realm called Marana. Attacked by the denizens of the acid jungle of the plane, they somehow were infected by some strange kind of plant and the few that made it back showed the strangest symptoms. First and foremost, the disease meddles with the metabolic processes, accelerating them to unimaginable points. The victim cannot concentrate, but gains a bonus of -2 to initiative and +2 to mind-affecting spells, like the members of the Order. However, he can not simply stop the action trance, instead becoming more and more active, to a point at which he cannot even speak clearly, and so on until he collapses and dies. Treatment is unknown, but spells that force coma help attenuate the symptoms. Yet, more research needs to be done.

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