Celestial Concordance

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    Just SurvivingCelestial ConcordanceCopyright © 2000 by Scott Perry

As formulated by the Council of Know at the 546,213th meeting on Knowledge and Other Things that can be Known. Any comments expressed in this transcript are not endorsed by the Council of Know and may be considered opinions only.

The Celestial Concordance is the unofficial alliance that exists between the Upper Planar races. This alliance was formed to provide aid to one another should an evil force threaten the Upper Planes, or perhaps the multiverse itself. The Concordance was created as a union to allow the celestial races to present a single united front against the fiends involved in the ongoing Blood War.

Some believe the Concordance exists in theory only and has never actually achieved any success in working together. Others believe that the celestials are indeed harmonious and may be pulling more strings than the entire yugoloth race. What is known is that the celestials are working together in some form, whether it is united or succeeding is unknown.

A few planewalkers have wondered if the fiends themselves have some sort of concordance. While the concept of working together might seem foreign to diametrically opposed creatures of evil, a few precedents do exist. There have been baatezu and tanar'ri that have gotten along together, although these were mostly in random pairs. Secret inquiries into the yugoloth citadel have not been met with any valuable results and thus there is still no empirical evidence that a united front of evil has ever been adjoined. However, as most tarmy cutters known, there are no absolutes on the planes. The multiverse can contain any and all possible diverse combinations.

(Reference source: Warriors of Heaven, pg. 4-5)

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