Canyon Vines

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Just Surviving Canyon Vines [Town] Copyright © 1999 by Rasgon

Location: Shurrock

Character: Freedom is the sky. Safety is inaccessibility. Cooperation is learning to hang together in the face of adversity.

Ruler: Arakens, an air sentinel, is unanimously respected as the founder and chief guardian of the town. Arakens as a boisterous sense of humor and is always telling dirty jokes in response to nearly everything said to him.

Behind the Throne: Arakens takes the advice of a senate made up of respected members of the town.

Description: The Hanging City is strung across a canyon on the layer of Shurrock, supported by vast living vines of great strength and beauty. It's possible to use the suspension bridges (woven of vine) to access it, but most prefer to glide or fly. The population is mainly human, elves, phanatons, and alaghi. Many keep ethyks.

Militia: The Vine Brigade is feared for their devastating swoop attack. Townspeople train often for the chance to belong to this honored group. Being a Vine Brigadeer is a full-time job, though the most common threat is ni'ath.

Services: The Hanging City manufactures gliders and balloons used throughout Bytopia, and woven furniture of superior quality. It also grows crops on cliffside fields.

Current Chant: One of the senators, Flem Fanton (Pl/male alaghi/D4/NG) is dying. The only cure for his disease is a rare plant that grows far away in a cloud giant's garden in Dothion. Tell Madder (Pl/male human/F12/LN) of the Vine Brigade returned with the news that the greedy giant had killed the Brigadiers, who accompanied him. What they don't know is that Tell killed them himself in order to eliminate all opposition to his run for Senate. Those who have met the giant before know that he's a really nice guy.

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