Calix Arvandus

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Just Surviving Calix ArvandusCopyright © 2000 by Emperor Xan (Zhextyl)

Planar Male Human 7th-level Fighter/10th-level Mage Shaper 2 (Psychology/Sociology Section) Lawful NeutralStr 16, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 12 HP 40, AC 10, THAC0 14Spells/Level: 4 / 4 / 3 / 3 / 2Equipment: Esper sword

Calix Arvandus is a very unassuming looking fellow. His average appearance lends to hide his true nature. Even his thin wire-framed glasses are plain. Yet, this olive-skinned man with light brown hair and eyes of the came color is more dangerous than he appears.

Calix originally hailed from Automata. At the age of 13, he was a namer of the Fraternity of Order. Two years later, he had a chance encounter with the Chief Engineer. Even though Calix was still quite young, he was awed by the sheer determination and willpower that seemed to radiate from the man.

Within a year, Calix had successfully compiled all the necessary gear for his first trip out of the gate-town. Still fascinated by the Chief Engineer, he set out to find Xaosologistia to learn everything he could from the man. Upon reaching the fledgling city-state, Calix underwent training as a mage. He learned quite a bit about the craft.

When the Psychology/Sociology Section began recruiting to bolster its numbers, Calix was selected as a possible candidate. He was eager to join. Since then, he's amasses quite a bit of knowledge on psychology and has played a key role in several projects the Chaos Engineers have undertaken in the last 8 years.

One such project, though denied to have ever taken place, is still rumored to continue to this day. The rumors all refer to this mysterious project as the "Xaos" project.

After his help on this project, the newly promoted Shaper 4 spent nearly six years in intensive studies on military concepts and combat training. Now, while only 28 years old, Calix has learned a great deal about military structure, strategy, tactics, and leadership. In addition, Calix is privy to many secrets about the Chaos Engineers, which are only hinted at as rumors, such as the ill-famed "Xaos" project.

Calix will not wear armor of any sort, to include magical protections. He disdains such equipment as an unnecessary crutch. Though it has gotten him into trouble on several occasions, Calix seems to survive by sheer determination and willpower.

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