Caarrex (Hummingleaf)

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        The LocalsCaarrex (Hummingleaf)Planar Herb SeriesCopyright © 2000 by sluj

Caarrex is so small, that it is difficult to distinguish from moss. Therefore, it cannot be easily found. But it has a very distinctive property: it produces sound. Had it not been native to Pandemonium, this would have made the useful herb easy to find.

The sound produced by the plant continues for about three days when it is plucked, even if it is taken from Pandemonium. It is a soothing drone that can ease troubled minds and can undo the effects of limited exposure to the howling winds of the plane of madness. This rarely works on Pandemonium, because it does not work if the wind is heard simultaneously. Other uses of the plant include enhancement of certain illusions that include sound and it is an antidote for cobra poisons.

[When used as a material component for sound-producing illusions, this herb raises the duration by a factor 1/2. The curative effect has only been reported by Stark and most cagers who could know say it's a peel. - JS]

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