Bucket of Blood Bub

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Just SurvivingBucket of Blood BubCopyright © 2000 by Leo

Crazy Nun is a mainstay in the Bucket of Blood. The very first drink every visitor has to drink. It is listed among the nine drinks a true Sensate must have in his life. While the tanar'ri like saying it's a nun polymorphed into liquid, the drink is a wild mix of pineapple and slaad sweat with alcohol.

Death Rides Goristroi is the drink for the "macho" in the Abyss. It requires a saving throw vs. death to survive drinking it, but once resisted you can always drink it. Even tanar'ri may die from it. Most prefer not to take chances. It is a pitch-black substance that could be taken for a cola, but is made of an unknown venom with tamarind. One who often drinks it is said to live forever. It's Roy's specialty.

Styx Ale from the Gaping Maw does not make one forget anything, but makes them feel like a whirlpool is gonna absorb them all of a sudden. It's the old "tastes like crap, but good crap" abyssal saying. It's the usual drink for the habitués in the Bucket of Blood and is strictly tanar'ric, deadly damaging to others.

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