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The LocalsBrusczCopyright © 2000 by sluj

IV – BrusczOriginally from the chaotic upper planes, this resourceful little plant has spread through all the lower planes and can be found in great quantities on Baator and Acheron - if one knows where to look. It has medium-sized leaves with bottle-like shapes and strong stems. The plant contains little juice and many fibers, making it useful in rope making. When it is rubbed over a sharp weapon, the weapon is poisonous to regenerating fiends. I observed that the wounds I dealt to a bound lesser Baatezu did not close immediately and truly hurt the horrid creature. I had to be careful not to kill the creature before I was finished conducting tests on it! The problem with using this herb is that one needs a frustratingly large amount of leaves to coat a single weapon sufficiently. The poison still functioned after I had kept my sword in its sheath for more than a day.

[Forty leaves of Bruscz are needed for a weapon the size of a long sword. The poison will stick for about fifteen slashes, less in the case of a piercing weapon. Regenerating fiends cannot regenerate a wound brought by a wound covered in Bruscz sap. The sap cannot grant a weapon the ability to damage creatures the weapon is normally unable to damage. - JS]

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