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Just Surviving Brightnight [Burg] Copyright © 1999 by Torsten Bernhardt

Location: Shurrock, from Bytopian special tour

Character: Work hard, but realize that the reason for working hard is to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Take some time to enjoy your surroundings, for to always have your nose in the mine is to lose out on much of the beauty of life.

Ruler: King Lukis (planar/male svirfneblin/ M(Ill)9, T10/Fated/NG) and Queen Wille (planar/female svirfneblin/T13/NG) rule their respective sections of the city. Although he is respected, Lukis isn't as loved as Wille, despite her penchant for speaking drow, a language she dearly loves. Rumors persist that Lukis is hoarding a cut of the mines' production, though no one knows why. Wille is loved for the wondrous foods that she manages to procure for the burg, and often sneaks out incognito to trade the victuals that she brings to the city. Lukis knows of her leaving the city, and has covered for her on several occasions.

Behind the throne: It's well known that the Mole Lord owes a past King and Queen his life. Although the details of this are a mystery and the city's guardian moles are supposedly a sign of his thanks. Some say that over time the Mole Lord has begun to work his way into a position where he can influence Brightnight's future.

Description: Brightnight is a typical deep gnomish burg in that it is composed of many caverns and tunnels. Where it differs is that the outer walls are not of rock or bare stone, but instead crystals. Mostly common, inexpensive minerals to be sure, but there are undoubtedly some areas that are comprised of actual gems, especially the richer areas of the place. The palace is mostly made of rubies, and that fact is enough to explain the common raids and attacks on the city from all types of races from almost every plane at one time or another.

The burg is a happy, busy place where there is still time to stop and relax, even in this most productive of planes. The crystal walls reflect light especially well, and to look up and see the twinkles of a thousand lights reflected in the darkness is said to be like a starry night on a prime world. Many visitors come here for trade, and the place has also become renowned for its mole guardians. A small industry has sprung up around the moles, and stuffed toys and mole pets are common sights for sale in shops frequented by tourists (these stores can be easily recognized by their especially high ceilings). Strangers are welcomed in Brightnight, and the inhabitants are always eager to hear stories about the multiverse.

Militia: The only regular defensive forces are the armies of large intelligent guardian moles that are found burrowing throughout the area. They not only inform the gnomes of any intruders, but also direct them to rich deposits that they find. In times of trouble, the moles will dig tunnels for gnomes to attack or escape from invaders.

Services: Visitors can purchase finely crafted deep gnome arms and armor here. Prices are reasonable, but there is a discount for those who pay in gems, especially rubies. The moles also know of a portal to the Beastlands that is found somewhere in their twisting tunnels, but will only show it to strangers who have befriended the Svirfneblin and gained their trust.

Current Chant: Lukis is planning on canceling the agreement with the Mole Lord and sending the moles back to the Beastlands. The reasons behind this are a mystery, but the King is opening negotiations with creatures from the plane of Earth to take over the defense of the burg.

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