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Just SurvivingBonewood[Site]

CharacterThe silence of the dead, with only an occasional creaking in the wind. Pale trees all around, seeming to be a monument for a forgotten event.


Special ConditionsAll necromantic spells that heal are augmented and operate with perfect efficiency here.

DescriptionBetween the Spire and Hopeless, usually in the fifth ring, lies the mysterious Bonewood, also known as the Forest of Bone and the Skeletal Forest. The origins of the site are a complete mystery. As the name would imply, it's a forest of otherwise normal trees comprised entirely of bone, complete with bone leaves and roots. There is no underbrush, and no animals live here. No settlements can be found here either, due both to the evil reputation the place has and the fact that there is no food to be had here unless one is to crack open the trees for the marrow deep within them.

In truth, the forest seems more helpful than malicious, allowing certain healing spells to work perfectly every time. There are no stories of anyone disappearing here or monsters originating in the forest. Still, the place is usually empty and has managed to obtain a sinister reputation (especially about what lies under the earth here) and is only rarely visited. Only trees can grow here, but any tree or seed planted here will turn into bone in less than a month, while continuing to grow.


ServicesThe leaves of the trees here are useful as spell keys; there is a one in two chance that a leaf taken from the ground here will duplicate any spell key that requires a particular type of bone, such as the skull of a balor. Check once per trip to the plane or layer in question. Bone carvings made from tree limbs found here gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws.

Current ChantA tribe of werewolves has supposedly set up at the edge of the forest and begun to kill all the trees they can for their marrow.

Quote"It's pretty enough, but kind of monochrome, you know?"–Rimmerflitz, gnome merchant who "likes a bit more panache in his scenery".

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