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The Locals BaumLesser Power, "Devourer", "Child of Death" Copyright © 2000 by Leonardo Wilhelm

AoC: Drought, Destruction and AntsAL: NE(L)WAL:Any evilSymbol: Red AntHome P/L/R: Gehenna/Chamada/KimbaoKnown Proxies: None

Baum is the one born of the Furnaces, of Tya-Lu and >Fia-So. Although the Arborean Mbe myth doesn't tell, the eladrin stories have recorded that what followed his creation. Being born in Gehenna, he murdered his mother in the creation process. According to the plane's laws he used her blood to discover his own destiny. Her mangled body he gave for her own petitioners to devour. From this death he had a vision of power that would become his manifest destiny.

Baum would be the one to slay Mbo-Ya. His teenage-like appearance would be the terrible discovery of power and entropy, taking the task of drying the rivers when asked by Fia-So. Tya-Lu's petitioners he transformed into ants that would follow him among the volcanoes. He only needs the fire of the stars. With it he will burn the forests of the Mbe and build a ladder to the stars to awaken all Bao and show them the way of power.


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