Bariaur Pandemonium Pox

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        Just SurvivingBariaur Pandemonium Pox[Planar Diseases]Copyright © 2000 by Leo

Excerpts from "Planes of Disease" from famous Dustmen doctor Hikelliam, who argues that diseases are a right way to offer death, saying that artificial means are not adequate to evolution.

Part of a higher selection of bariaur-specific diseases reported by Ortogon, priestess of Nomolos. According to bariaur legend, this is the work of Loki, crafted in his realm in Pandemonium. Once it was epidemic among their Ysgardian brethren, but judicious use of quarantines and shaman herbalism controlled its development and now it is found mainly in Pandemonium.

Transmission occurs through ingestion or mucosal contact with contaminated material, like grass or tissue. In the wind-ridden caves of the plane, mosquitoes spread the disease. A danger to the flocks of Ysgard is its capacity for hibernating in the soil for months or even years where the rain don't reach as often. Thus a whole flock may find contagion still present in unsuspecting lands.

The disease incubates for three weeks and then proceeds to show visible effects. The skin becomes grayish and blood circulation is compromised. Blisters appear across the body, leaving a hairless scar once the blister subsides. The simian part of the bariaur suffers from tiredness and difficult breathing, with the skin being filled with maze-like formations that wind and turn on themselves. The goat part is scarred and can't sustain its own weight due to stone-like formations in the scar that become very heavy.

Treatment is possible by either exposure to Oceanus waters, the rare flameroot radish from Muspelheim or by the combined use of cure disease and constant baths.

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