Fantaseum Codex Core Rules Files

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Thanks so much to Fantaseum for all of their hard work and efforts in getting these created! Thanks, bloods!

Codex CR2's are just that, bloods! Core Rules files of the existing Creature Codex critters, all zipped up and ready to import! That's right - now DMs can import their favorite Codex critters into the Core Rules software easily and without any hassle. Simply click on the link and save them to your local drive. Unzip them and then import them - it is as easy as that! If you have any questions, there are extensive help pages over at Fantaseum!

abyssal slug.zip29.99 KB
abyssalfisher.zip49.44 KB
aef.zip38.67 KB
angel_fire.zip48.62 KB
astral_spider.zip75.69 KB
astralgryph.zip60.05 KB
astralphantom.zip22.51 KB
avaga.zip23.37 KB
bantei.zip40.84 KB
barykue.zip35.42 KB
barzu.zip49.22 KB
bhinaur.zip50.6 KB
blackbird.zip21.48 KB
brabbib.zip31.15 KB
brahmal.zip55.13 KB
bulldog.zip51.08 KB
bylar.zip38.87 KB
cadaver.zip22.58 KB
cathair.zip50.96 KB
ccorpus.zip61.57 KB
centimere.zip40.52 KB
cposteritat.zip42.63 KB
csenex.zip59.27 KB
psionic_beholder.zip39.86 KB
shraugbeetle.zip57.46 KB
xirxixa.zip74.47 KB
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