Lasciate, the Chronicle Keeper

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Strange as it may be, I have found endless pleasure in watching the work and habits of my newest personal aid in the Tower, especially since it only passed into the status of the Arcanaloth a paltry six years ago. Despite her youth, Lasiciate already proved herself more useful then many of those who surround me while wondering at the same time how to claim my position as their own. She has many strong traits, but the strongest seems to the duality of her dispassion and drive. Indeed, that is what makes her so... useful. She is efficient in her work, orderly in her reports and has the sense to say what is needed but not a word more. And she can create the cold, disinterested mask that so many of her elders have mastered. There is almost something of the tainted devils in her manner when around those that she doesn't trust, nothing like that grinning son of mine. I certainly saw enough of that face in the first months that she served me.Yet there seems to be something more to this one, she certainly lacks none of the shackles of the Baatorians that restrain them. She lacks the inflexibility and close mindedness that we have so own observed in lawful beings. When it is needed, she has proved capible of pulling the proverbial wool over an being's eyes without hesitation, and the willingness to break contracts when need. This can be said of nearly any of our kind though, much less our caste. No what is different about Lasciate is that despite her mask she has lost nothing of her passion and spontaneity. It is tempered, yes, but not to the point that many Ultroloths have dictated is necessary, the foolish suppression of everything they feel. My staff and I have seen many examples of her researching and assessing a situation in logical, orderly fashion. I have also just as often seen her simply take up a subject out of shear random curiosity or research several subjects and then look for the ties that connect them. She has no issue change or altering her viewpoint to solve a problem, or simply coming up with a new way to deal with the task at hand. Her ability to remain dispassionate when need while still remaining creative is by far her greatest asset to both me and herself. In the end, she does whatever she deems to be the most advantageous to here at the time.After a little time, I eventually looked into this one`s history. As a Nycaloth, her mind was apparently just as sharp, and her tactics were impeccable. She (although at this point it may have been a better term) served as mercenary leader on both sides of the Blood War and served diligently. Dating back as far as her time as a Yagoloth she has taken nearly compulsive notes on every subject that she deemed worth. I must see these sometime, it would provide even further incite into her mindset. Ever as a lowly newborn Mezzoloth, she seems to have possessed a great canniness about her. Now that she is rising to the pinnacle of her power, I would relish watching what would happen to anyone who underestimated her.I am fortunate in that Lasciate soon came to trust me after several months, or at least trust me to the point that anyone in our race trusts the others. After the initial tension and well deserved fear she held me in, she dropped her mask a bit and let me see more of her mind. After I introduced her to some of our latest experiments in the breading pits under the Tower, she grew much more open to my observations as she threw herself into several of the breding projects. Indeed, it is nearly a hobby for her and she has a talent for controlling the creatures is creates, be they modified Yugoloths or other creatures.It is a comforting feeling knowing that it is I and not one of the pretenders to my throne who controls this potent new tool. Her insight into situations is proving invaluable, even to a mind like mine. - Memoirs; Helekanalaith, Keeper of the Tower of Arcanaloths; dated four years ago

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