Daermon, Lord of Nightmares

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Daermon is one of those powerful fiends who have made the transition to godhood. From the start he stayed away from the Blood War, and though it is unknown exactly what type of fiend he was, some sages speculate he was likely some kind of a tanar'ri.

He rose in the ranks, and managed to become a Lord of the Nightmares. Chant is he was merely an owner of a stable of Nightmares. Desiring power, and seeing the prime material as a place to gain it, he perfected the process of creating Black Unicorns, an evil version of the unicorn. That act, and the spread of his creations paved his way into the Unseelie Court . For millennia he plotted within the court, but could not increase his power there. Looking at the prime, he saw a drow band, and following them from afar, delighted in their passion for despoiling and decided to gain a foothold among them.

After a long route he managed to become a god of the drow on a handful of Prime worlds, and is one of the plotters among the drow pantheon against Lolth. His "allies" include Kiaransalee, Vhaerun, Ma'azbert and Ergosal.

His realm, The Forest of Gloom, lies on Pandesmos, in Pandemonium, though it is linked to the realms of his four co-conspirators.

His realm is shrouded by the gloom of sure failure exactly when you are near to achieve your goal. Daermon enjoys tormenting his enemies by letting them think they will foil his plans, only to show them that they have failed in their mission at the last moment. His petitioners are used mostly as the bricks in his tower of fear, and those who do not succumb to their despair may be granted the chance to become an evil fey, usually a black unicorn.

Rank: lesser deityOther Names: Lord of Darkness, Gloom of the GodsSpheres: Darkness, Fear, Magic, NightmaresPantheon: DrowAlignment: Chaotic EvilWorshippers: Drow mages, drow males, evil feyIncarnation: Daermon's avatar looks like a great nightmare with an ebony crown on its head and an ebony black horn on its forehead


Daermon's priesthood is charged with spreading fear in the hearts of the enemies of the drow and the enemies of their god. They also encourage the use of the more subtle schools of magic, namely illusion, charms, and shadow magic.They prefer to intimidate their foes, and rely more on their spell casting abilities than their fighting prowess.

Alignment: CE, NE, CNFavored Weapons: Short SpearHoly Items: Black unicorn's hornHoly Symbol: A rearing nightmareDefault Domains: Chaos, Evil, Drow, Magic, DarknessCulture: Drow

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