The Visions of Draghnogh

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The following texts were found within the same library, looted from a burned out city within the 458th layer of the Abyss. The remains of the library were transported to Automata for further study under the command of Guvner Stilt Dorm, who funded the mission. These two disparate texts were found to exhibit a high probability of relation, and therefore are presented side by side for your examination.Excerpt from the ancient tome "A History of Abyssal Emperors"

Few remember the name Draghnogh (spoken: Drahhnohh, with wide open vocals). A few of his servants still roam the multiverse, ancient creatures of such power that they survived billions of years in the Abyss and elsewhere. Draghnogh is an almost forgotten myth, a nightmare from so far in the past that even most of the remaining Emperors of the Abyss do not remember their fellow tanar'ri ruler.

Some even believe that Draghnogh never existed, that he is a mere invention of those who call themselves servants of Draghnogh. Many reasons are possible for this: Tanar'ri of great power dislike serving others, yet an "unseen greater power" could protect them from possible enemies. Also, the stories of Draghnogh, the Psychic Power, occasionally lures uncautious planewalkers into the lairs of Draghnoghs servants.

It is possible he is no more than a legend. If the legends tell the truth, he was inventor of drugs and bringer of visions, as well as a master of the mind: He understood both the mechanics and the powers of the mind, whether mortal or immortal.
According to the legends, the powerful entity known as Mescalito (oft contacted by mortals through the plant known as Peyote) was his greatest opponent - an interesting point, considering what it tells about Mescalito's age.

His realm, the Vision Jungle, was a horrid realm of nightmares, with almost any plant containing psychic drugs. Through this intense use of drugs, both Draghnogh and his minions reached heights of power and understanding otherwise known only among true gods - and some say, Draghnogh's power even went beyond that of the gods.

One day, though, Draghnogh simply disappeared. His realm survived, as did his servants. There was no multiversal shake, no shockwave, no war - from one moment to the other, Draghnogh's presence was gone, and that was it.

No other Emperor was able to claim his realm for his own, and so the land withered away until it was consumed by other layers of the Abyss. His servants looked for new masters, or went their own ways. Many of them must have died as time passed, but - again, IF the stories are true - some have survived to this day, gaining power all the time.

Some of them believe he has left them like a traitorous father. Others believe he merged with one of his plant inventions, turning into a creature not unlike Mescalito. Others again believe one of his enemies either killed him, or locked him away.

Not unusual for the Abyss, the truth is - and probably stays - unknown.


Excerpt from an adventurer's journal, current time.
All went well until we came into the chambers of time. Even the two balors were no challenge for our group, and our fabulous mage succeeded in unlocking the chambers' great door. Now I hope he would have failed.

The moment we entered, something happened. It was impossible to say what it was, but we all felt it. It was like a web of energy was ripped apart.

A second later, we heard a horrible voice. I am not sure what it said, but I believe it was something like "Drahnoh", or maybe "dragon". Then, the visions started. First they seemed like good visions, offering wisdom and understanding. Of course, being in the Abyss, we shouldn't have trusted it. But, somehow, we all were euphoric... it reminded me of the effects of alcohol, but better, more intense, more ecstatic... and more mind-twisting.

Soon, the visions turned into nightmares. But, they were real, so real... I've seen Murcloch cut his own arm off because he believed it was rotting away, and Jenia ate some weird mushroom, and afterwards ripped her belly open because she believed she had to get that thing out of her again. Both are dead now, as well as five other people of our group.

Only six remain, and we do all we can to find the way out. Our mage, Jarisson, found out that a powerful time magic had been used in this place. He believes that something was transported into our time from somewhere far, far, far in the past.
Honestly, I care little for what it is - all I want is to get out of here alive.


The others are dead or separated from me. I am alone. Shadows are haunting me, and I dare not sleep, for the visions get even stronger then. As I write, the words begin to move, they turn into snakes!


I drank some strange green water from a pool in the caverns. It tasted fine and refreshed me. It's the first time since - I don't know how long that I can rest. I need to sleep. Sleep.


Yes, my Emperor. I cutted my tongue out, for you. I will do anything you ask me for. I feel your presence. I bow to you, Emperor. I am yours.


I beg you, give me a vision, my master!


Yes, my Emperor. I will seek those you named to me, and I will tell them of your return. An army, yes... and finding the remains of your realm. Everything will be rebuilt.

But, my Emperor, what of the other Lords of the Abyss? I hear your voice, but... think of the gods, or of Graz'zt - he IS mighty indeed.

Forgive me! My Emperor, I know nothing of your might. I could not know you feel all their presences, their thoughts and feelings... I could not know how powerful you truly are.

I am yours. I am proud that I am allowed to serve you. Yes, yes, I will leave now. I am ready.

This is the dawning of a new time.

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