Lothem of Trathia

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Lothem of TrathiaAge: 48Gender: maleRace: Prime-Human, Elorian Height: 5`5”Weight: 477lbsBuild: heavy (hugely, grotesquely fat)Skin: an unhealthy black-greyish tinged Eye Color: blackClothing: Usually only a terribly sweat stained but well kept white toga-like article and sandals under a similiarly sweat stained white set of thick woolen robes, complete with fetishes and fetch objects, trinkets and baubles and other assorted such “junk”Description: Lothem of Trathia (pronounced: LOT hem) is a terribly fat, grotesqueture of a man with a greying fringe of kinky hair kept cut close to his mostly bald head like a diseased laurel wreath. He perpetually stinks of sour sweat and a certain other bodily something that is indescribable, but more than vaguely offensive. His robes and the toga-like under garment aren’t sweat stained with days of staining, as he is fastidious about their appearance, he is simply able to sweat them ugly in hours irregardless of his efforts otherwise. His teeth are crooked, snaggled in places and uneven, his eyes like two dark pearls in his fat, unhealthily grey skinned, doughy face and he’s perpetually plagued with such serious acne that he appears diseased by it. The assortment of fetishes, fetches, charms and geegaws he wears look like superstious junk-wear.Powers and/or Abilities: It is rumored that Lothem is able to move like a cat, with grace belying his size, when he wishes, although usually he waddles about with a distinct lack of grace. When wishes, Lothem can be tremendously intimidating. This is unusual though and the “feeling”, besides revulsion, most often associated with Lothem is amusement at the fat old mans bumblings.History: Lothem was raised in squalor in the ghettoes of Trathia, the small southern city of the small realm in which his family’s infamy doomed him to perpetual disdain. He was a short boy, but hugely fat from an early age as his mother fed him to the point of obscenity, perhaps in some strange penance, nearly starving herself to afford it. As he grew this compounded the dislike, even deep disgust that people held for his mother and himself. It did not escape the lightning quick, monkey agile mind of the grotesque Lothem. Still, Lothem played it off, acting as though he didn’t understand snide remarks and even outright rudeness and always acting happy, and gentile towards all. But he did show one sign that the wise understood...he ate incessantly.When Lothem turned ten years old he already outwieghed most of the men in Trathia and by the time he was an adult he was the fatest man in all the southern lands; but even more than for this, he became known for his agile and brilliant mind and his uncanny memory. Some few knew too how strnuosly he trained himself to be supple and agile of body. His many years of training left him uncannily dextrious, especially for so huge a man. Too, Lothem is a powerful man, and while he appears unhealthy, it is not so. He was accepted into, despite his ungainly look, the famed Trathian Monestary, a thing that confused many.Over the years Lothem undertook other studies, becoming a known and respected (if secretly reviled and dis-trusted) Wizard as well, but his familial infamy followed him and he was accused of dark Necromancy and ultimately he left Trathia rather than face the constant persecutions. His life as an adventurer so began and he gained a further reputation on his home world so.Little else is known of Lothem’s past, other than that he travelled much, paired with many a stalwart band of champions, but was always, but once, the only survivor of these bands. The one exception was the band that he accompanied to Sigil, staying when they left.That was a short number of weeks ago and he is still striving to find his feet, as it were, in the City of Doors, but he is already garner notice even in Sigil for his bizzare appearance, not yet for his undeniable brilliance and drive.After extensive digging into his background (DC 20), one could discover the following:On one of the many Crystal Spheres of the constellation refered to as the Triat of Triats, on a minor continent, in a minor countries frontier province, a village butcher succumbed to the temptations of vile evil and began preying on young women from the surrounding villages and thorps, then slaughtering them out to destroy the evidence, selling the sausages thus produced far and wide. The man may have been evil, but he was certainly a skilled butcher. When it came out, the butcher was put to death by the outraged villagers and the mans family was run out of the province, penniless and hectored, including his youngest daughter, who was pregnant and rumored to be carrying a vile bastard.Certainly, the child she bore three months later was indeed a bastard.

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