Ishtaritu NPCs

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Anda Urlemin – (NG, female Human, Psion[Seer]) Anda appears to be in her 50’s however many say she’s much older than that. Anda is a wealthy businesswoman who has a well established empire in Sigil, which deals in fashion, design, textiles and food that she created herself. She has a family of her own, and a couple of her children are also in the Ishtaritu. She happens to be one of the high councillors of the Ishtaritu in Sigil, and as a mature woman still happens to take in a lot of clients.

Anda knows of everything that happens in the Lady’s Ward and is often at the front and centre of many of the things that happen there. She’s the one that many go to in Sigil, whenever they seek out the Ishtaritu, and as a result she directs many of their activities across the city. As a Seer Anda is a keeper of the lore and prophecies of the Ishtaritu’s transcendental age.

Atherixiya – (N, female Elan, Psion[Telepath]) Atherixiya is a high-ranking Ishtaritu that’s the most involved with the Sensates. She has a very wide network of spies, many of them unwitting sleepers which she uses in her personal mission to collect interesting experiences. Atherixiya then seeks out these people with such experiences and uses her psionics to store them in memory crystals. She uses them these experience to train members of the Ishtaritu, and to share with the Society of Sensation where she happens to have the task of maintaining their sensoriums. As a result Atherixiya can be mainly found at the Civic Festhall.

Carlos Khan Dar – (CN, male Aasimon Aasimar, Bard) Carlos is an accomplished stage actor and performer, who rose from rags to riches with the Ishtaritu. He’s a famous actor through out Sigil, and has gone on many tours with his small theatre troupe through the planes. He’s really smooth with words, even more so having learned some of the secret words of creation. Carlos does serve as the eyes and ears for the Ishtaritu wherever they need him. He has many admirers across the planes, and has manipulated them into serving as his spies.

Derossa Lyno – (CE, female Tanar’i Tiefling, Rogue/Assassin) Derossa is said to be an urban legend, however she is very much real. She’s said to be responsible for quite a few unsolved random murders across Sigil and many other cities. She does indeed kill for sport when she’s not taking in clients, however she never targets other members of the Ishtaritu or prostitutes ever. Derossa is the top assassin among the Ishtaritu, as she is often called upon to kill those who trouble or molest the members of the guild.

She views killing as an art, and always tries to vary her methods, and as she happens to be the monster among the Ishtaritu, they like to pretend she doesn’t exist.

Frelassa Lucette – (NG, female Yugoloth Tiefling, Bard/Sublime Chord) Frelassa is one of the more infamous members of the Ishtaritu. She was born from a noble family, as an illegitimate daughter. Despite her noble upbringing she was unwanted and abused, and ran away to the streets of Sigil after being raped by her own father. She struggled as prostitute a bit; as it seemed to be the only way she seemed to fit in on the often dangerous streets until the Ishtaritu took her in and saved her.

Frelassa has a natural talent for music, having a heavenly and ethereal singing voice, and she’s very skilled with string instruments and is a graceful dancer. She’s perhaps one of the Ishtaritu’s most skilled and passionate performers, and is just as passionate with her partners. Though on the inside this fey-like blue skinned tiefling beauty has a tough interior, she’s a survivor and is a dangerous spy with the ability to mask her identity through illusion. Frelassa Lucette is an active agent of the Ishtaritu who’s associated with the Revolutionary League and of her own agenda seeking to right wrongs and fix injustices.

Hu Mei Yuan – (CN, female Hu Xian, Swashbuckler/Sorcerer/Eldritch Knight) Mei Yuan is said to be the eldest member of the Ishtaritu in Sigil, this beautiful yet fiendish fox spirit is said to be more than thousands of years old. Described by many to be a vain, cruel and deceitful mistress, however she has another side that is caring, dedicated and passionate to those she cares about. Mei Yuan has sat of on the Sigilian Ishtaritu high council for as long as anyone cares to remember.

She’s drained the souls of many outside of the Ishtaritu (sometimes intentionally sometimes not), but sees the guild herself as her own litter of children. Mei Yuan is perhaps the most mentally unstable among the high-ranking Ishtaritu, but can be always relied upon the members of the Ishtaritu. She's a very good teacher, but she has many tales of tragedy from her past experiences.

Kallisti Hurlani – (CG, female Cansin, Beguiler) Kallisti was a talented street kid from the Hive brought into the Ishtaritu along with Frelassa. She’s trained in the more mystical aspects of the Ishtaritu, learning many of the sacred rituals of the guild, as she holds one of their positions in their cult. Kallisti has a zest for life, and is often at the centre of parties thrown through out Sigil. She’s established more than a few of her own parties and gatherings as well, having a great sense for setting up such events.

However she did cause a few to question her choices when she became the wife of crime lord Anatoly Mirov, and that’s caused more than a fair share of trouble for her. However as the wild (and definitely non-exclusive) wife of a crime lord, she has some influence over the gangs of Sigil.

Karlandyn Urith – (CG, female Hill Dwarf, Rogue/Ranger/Vigilante) Karlandyn is the Ishtaritu’s overseer in the Hive Ward. She actively looks for new recruits and fights to defend prostitutes from the molestation of those who take them for granted. As such in addition to having her own clients, she has a brothel of her own where she can keep a watchful eye on those she feels she needs to protect and a shelter for prostitutes who have been victimized. Karlandyn hunts down those who harm prostitutes, and offers bounties for the ones she can’t catch.

Marris Urthangu – (N, female Hobgoblin, Rogue/Fighter) Marris is perhaps the most skilled dominatrix out of the Ishtaritu, and she’s been responsible for training many of their members in the art of domination and submission. She happens to be known quite wide and far for her skills, having brought many under whip and tender mercies. As she’s quite renowned she has a club of her own in the Lower Ward, where she takes many clients in, and trains many of her students of are almost always at her side.

This exotic and athletic hobgoblin has a sense of business savvy and has her line of fashion and other equipment which she also markets. Marris can intimidate just about anyone to her will through her cold stare. Less known about her is that Marris is also one of the fighting instructors of the Ishtaritu, and is one of their sentinels, ensuring that their members and those under their protection are safe from harm. She does have a reputation as a cruelty against those who oppose the Ishtaritu and the many she cares about.

Princess Pymi’dera - (LG, female Human, Noble/Paladin) Pymi’dera is the heir to the throne of an empire on the Material Plane that spans a few worlds. She was recruited into the Ishtaritu as a teenager when she took a visit to Sigil during summer trip. Quickly they began to take over and co-opt most of her training among her noble upbringing. Pymi’dera is now a driven crusader and champion, vanquishing wrongs across many worlds, while taking in many lovers and setting them on to the right path. Her ascension to the throne is coming soon, and will become one of the Ishtaritu’s most highly placed disciples.

Saniyya Al-Janni – (N, female Janni, Bard/Dervish) Saniyya is the Ishtaritu’s overseer across the Inner Planes, travelling between the City of Brass, Citadel of Ice and Steel, City of Glass, Great Dismal Delve, and Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls as an emissary of the Ishtaritu and the elemental courts. She’s an ancient being that’s been with the Ishtaritu for centuries and has been a partner of many genie rulers and nobles. She is perhaps the greatest guide and escort anyone could get among the courts and cities of the Inner Planes, as she is quite well-reknowned.

Syndora Lux – (N, female Changeling, Rogue) Syndora prefers to take in special clients who fantasize about the unattainable ones they long for. She’s a good impersonator thanks to the fact she’s a changeling, a very good listener and judge of character. While there are certainly many other shapeshifters among the Ishtaritu for those sorts of clients, Syndora is the one who empathises the most and relieves their obsessions, sometimes even setting up them up with the one that they desired. Though on the other hand Syndora is one of the most successful spies of the Ishtaritu, as she shares many of the secrets she learns from her clients with the guilds councillors.

Wynde Di’Surris – (N, male Human, Cleric [Ishtar]) Wynde is a really ancient members of the Ishtaritu, who has existed in many incarnations and forms (and genders), though he currently appears as a human male in his 20’s. He hails from the plane of Elysium and travels between the City of the Star and Sigil on a regular basis. Wynde is another of the high councillors in sigil, a bit of a hidden power as he likes to keep his true nature secret with outsiders.

Wynde teaches many of the secrets of the Ishtaritu to members he feels is worthy of his knowledge. It was said at one time he was a proxy of Ishtar herself, who gave up his position so that he could operate inside Sigil.

Yrrlea Rilawn – (CN, female High Elf, Rogue/Wizard[Enchanter]/Arcane Trickster) Yrrlea is perhaps the highest ranking Ishtaritu that’s linked to the Revolutionary League. She pushes the agenda for advancing the transcendental age by bringing down any who would oppose the Ishtaritu. One of her personal crusades is against a sect known as the Regulators based out of Union, which she seeks to ruthlessly destroy. As such she spends her time between Sigil and Union. Yrrlea is also a well-travelled member of the Ishtaritu, having many lovers, husbands and wives across many worlds. She’s very old preserving her youth through magic and the arcane lore of the Ishtaritu which she is a keeper and teacher of.

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