Ur'rdrasul the Black Manor

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Risen from the chaotic ranks of the tanar'ri, Druedadon is a minor demon lord in ascension. Unlike most others of his kind, he is not so prone to fits of rage, just barely concealing his hatred in a facade of refined malice.

Druedadon has evolved into a rather unique type of demon. He looks like a very tall wavy humanoid, vaguely male and with marble white glistening skin. He dresses himself in richly decorated female clothes, despite the fact that he is considered a male demon by those who care to make such a distinction.

Ur'rdrasul the Black Manor is his fortress in the Plain of Infinite Portals, guarded by squadrons of glabrezu and marilith. Black velvet and silver are dominant within the halls of Ur'rdrasul. The manor is a place of depravity and lethal pleasures, corruption and creative torture.

It is known that deep inside Ur'rdrasul there is a chamber that serves as some kind of shrine to Graz'zt, filled with paintings and other symbols depicting the Dark Prince. The real nature of Druedadon's relationship with Graz'zt is unknown, but the minor demon lord often sends menssengers to Azzagrat with prized souls, slaves and other tokens of good will.

Greatest among the mariliths of the Black Manor is Phersil, a cunning and powerhungry fiend that is trying to sway as many mariliths to her side as possible to put in motion her plans for a coup. The only thing that keeps her from turning stag just yet is Druedadon's own might, which is considerable. That and the fact that the petty demon lord always carries Minerva, an enormous vorpal scimitar.

But the single most important servant of Druedadon is definately Lara the succubus, a cold and stern sorceress that works mirror magic and collects souls for her lord in the Prime Material Plane. When she is in the Abyss, Lara haunts the Labyrinth of Mirrors, her domain within Ur'rdrasul. Her companion and confident is Udrulu the quasit, that comes as close to a friend as a demon can be.

Despite her succubus nature, Lara is not so bent in tempting mortals through her sexuality. Some lower planar denizens even claim that Lara is a virgin, but that must be barmy talk. The fact is that Lara prefers other more efficient methods to corrupt mortals and steal their souls. Her plans usually consist of elaborate webs of treachery and lies that result in the corruption of an entire community.

Lara's main contact in Sigil is Niadri the Grim. He is a member of the Club of Demonologists, a bunch of upstart sorcerers that deal with demons and dabble in forbidden lore. Niadri is often found at the Styx Oarsman, in the Lower Ward.

The dark of it- Druedadon followed a long and dark path before ascending as a minor demon lord. It is believed that his last form was that of a fell marilith. All through the way, he was helped by a mad and sinister ultroloth known as Shodree. Druedadon now owes him more than he is willing to pay. But the yugoloth will soon come knocking on his door. And when that happens, the petty lord better be ready.

See also the End of Time for more information on Shodree.

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