Our Lady Of The Machine: Parts 1

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Query = Why is self on table?


Answer = Self is in.. in... IN45.349

~ An unfortunate Modron

Adventure Outline: The Group is hired by a young wizard who thinks she may have learned the secret to keep magical weapons powered. She hires the group to go to an old mentor in a gate town to retrieve a specific item she needs.

Adventure: A tiefling wizard named Lucrika Val'nesh has come upon a very interesting concept for magic item creation. She believes that if you were to keep a magical power source with the item, it wouldn't lose its abilities. She needs quite a few objects from about the planes to accomplish her first prototype though. This is where the PC's come in.

Lucrika needs someone to go to a gate town (One heading to a Lawful Plane preferred) to acquire a specific piece for her first try at the "battery." She hires the party to go to an old friend’s house whom can prepare it for her.

Once the PC's find this man, they are required to fetch a Monodrone (lowest order of Modron) for him to prepare the piece.

This can be done a myriad of ways, but the most obvious way would be to simply scrag one off the streets (hence the Lawful plane gate town). Another possibility would be that one has been picked up by the local law for doing something they shouldn’t have been doing.

Conclusion: Upon acquiring the Monodrone, the man in the gate town rips out a central bit of the creature and quickly places it into a bag of holding type 1 (which also is a bag of preservation). They return it to Lucrika and get paid. Simple, although a little weighty on some consciences.

This ending is very open, however. If the pc's do not wish to give the monodrone to the man upon hearing that he will essentially "kill" it (and the pc's not knowing that it'll just return to the one and the prime anyway), they could run off without any real problems. However they would have a monodrone following them around for a while at least, until its hire ups wonder what’s gone wrong, or maybe it'll go rogue on them.

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