Realms of the Titans Coeus, Oceanus, Iapetus

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1. Coeus--Titan of Fear, CE"They didn't honor her as a dark demon to be kept at bay, but because they believed that the State was held together mainly thanks to fear."--Plutarch, on SpartaCoeus is the only Titan who actually enjoys being imprisoned on the Plane of Red Death. From a lightless cave, the Titan feeds on the fears of all the travelers and petitioners. Whether the predecessor of Deimos is male or female is no longer remembered, for none have seen Coeus emerge from its cave for millennia. A few greater tanar'ri have been seen entering, yet they always come from the titan's lair shaken. Some fall dead from fright immediately at the cave's mouth, even more never return. Its thought that Coeus can take any form, usually appearing as (or even becoming) the thing most feared by any enemy. This terror often comes as a surprise phobia, a most undesirable self revelation.Every so often, the terrfiying pseudo-gods of nightmare known as dream larvae are seen entering the cave. Of course, only in dreams do prophets and shamans see this happen, though at least one Prime nation all had the same dream of this event two-hundred years ago. What such an alliance portends is unknown to me, though one must wonder how strong Coeus has become during his epoch spanning imprisonment. In Aborea, voices are being raised asking why Zeus didn't know better in the first place. Some of these voices are from his siblings as well, though Hades has remained silent despite his being closest to his hated forebearers. This ignores that fact that the Olympians were barely created when they overthrew the titans, and that even Coeus's fellow exiles seem to know little of what he was or has become. And even they feel trepidation at the moment their sibling chooses to rise from it's quiescent state.

2. Oceanos--Titan of Water,Source of Oceanus and Styx? , CNThe fact that this Titan bears the name of the Upper Planar pathway is no accident, legends tell that once Oceanus and the Styx were a single body of water. However, after the titan was cast down from Aborea his bitterness and rage poisoned the river. Fearing the taint would affect the heavens, the guardianals, eladrin, and archons aided the aasimon in breaking the planar connection with the Lower Planes. Thus the Styx was born, and the remaining waters in the neutral planes were taken by the Rilmani to create the Ma'at. What's known is that for one reason or another Oceanus has a definite connection to all three rivers. He has predicted the movements of the baatezu on the Styx for the tanar'ri, is worshipped by several delphons and balanea who dwell in his namesake, and his visage has been seen in the Ma'at. In the Hinterlands, he is worshipped as a power beyond Good and Evil, instead seen as the spirit of the river that encircles the multiverse. Currrently, Oceanus has taken to harassing the Maerrenoloths where the Styx crosses into his territory, believing that the time has come for him to challenge Charon for rulership of the pathway. His palace is formed from a strange substance known as blue ice, with massive canals controlling the flow of water. A magical property of the palace's columns allows them to act together to form a planar nexus, drawing the yugoloth skiffs to their doom. Charon has not personally intervened, but the altraloth has sent sea monsters to deliver his response--meaning at present Oceanus's servants are reconstructing sections of the palace.
3. Iapetus--Titan of War, NESharing Ares's pugnacious nature, Iapetus surrounds himself with the bones of victims. A wall of bones surround his fortress, pinpoints of light faintly glimmering from eyesockets, studying any who wish to enter. There is no true gate, only an ooze like parting of the bones to offer passage. Iapetus's fortress was once a bastion of shining steel, but now his demesne is caked in the red dust of the plane. Due to his imprisonment, Iapetus cannot spare his servants to engage in the Blood War, or any major conflict for that matter. This has frustrated the Titan to no end, though he has adapted over the millennia. The ancient warlord has turned to offering spies, assassins, and consultation to the tanar'ri. Thus it is not rare to see one or two marilliths, or even a balor, visiting the imprisoned being to offer the secrets of the Abyss in return for aid against the baatezu.Iapetus has begun to wonder if he can draw power from the Blood War to engender his personal escape from Carceri. Of course, to do so he would have to bring the tanar'ri and baatezu to Mount Orthys in droves, then have them slaughter each other. This is likely impossible, for the reputation of the Titan's precedes them and the baatezu avoid them like the proverbial plague.
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