Bane's picture
Given Power:

You gain a +1 bonus on all opposed checks.

Note: Siphon Power is a new spell by the same author.

1Divine FavorYou gain +1 per three levels on attack and damage rolls.
2BullSubject gains +4 to Con for 1 min./level.
3Heroism(Self only)Gives +2 on attack rolls, saves, skill checks.
4Divine PowerYou gain attack bonus, +6 to Str, and 1 hp/level.
5Righteous MightYour size increases, and you gain combat bonuses.
6Heroism, GreaterGives +4 bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks; immunity to fear; temporary hp.
7Symbol of WeaknessTriggered rune weakens nearby creatures.
8DemandAs sending, plus you can send suggestion.
9Siphon PowerYou absorb another creature's power
Common Dieties: Bane, Hextor, Ares, Sargonnas , The Fated**=This is a prestige domain for the fated. A Fated cleric can select this domain even if doesn't originally belong to his gods domains.
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