Elemental Wine

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Taken from the many cookbooks of Holos Qi, an exceptional planar traveler and the finest gourmand in the Inner Planes.

  The elemental planes (and their many para- and quasi- variations) are all dangerous to the average, fleshy body. The plane of Water drowns, Magma scorches, and Vacuum just sucks. However, these locales are full of materials that can used to benefit a berk. More specifically, Air, Ice, Salt, Mineral, and Steam can be merged - with the right ingredients - into a drink that captivates the taste buds and makes any night out memorable.

The first step is a to locate a fine mineral powder. This is obtained easily enough. The plane of Salt has plenty of it, so go on and take some. Then, go to Mineral and take some of its gemstones. These are to be smashed and ground until they are a brightly colored dust. Then go to Ice and take the coldest chunk of it that you can find. Then bottle up some steam from, well, the plane of Steam. Then go to Lightning to obtain the most difficult part. Find a clod of earth, and wait for the lightning to strike it. You will end up with a glowing, charged, ozone-radiating rock.

From these, take the ice and put it into the bottle of steam. The ice will cool the steam into a light liquid. Then pour the mineral/salt powder in. You will have a purplish drink, with a lightly sweet taste. Then take the ozone rock and dip it in. The rock will dissolve into the drink, and give it an 'electrifying' taste. Then, drink up! Or sell it for jink aplenty.

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