Bane's picture
Given Power:

When casting zone of truth, discern lies or similar spells, you automatically know if the subject(s) resisted the spell with SR or a succesful save. You gain a +3 holy bonus on your sense motive checks.

1Detect ChaosReveals creatures, spells, or objects of chaotic alignment.
2Zone of TruthSubjects within range cannot lie.
3Detect ThoughtsAllows “listening” to surface thoughts.
4Discern LiesReveals deliberate falsehoods.
5Mark of JusticeDesignates action that will trigger curse on subject.
6Geas/QuestAs lesser geas, plus it affects any creature. Hold a creature to an oath.
7Detect CrimeReveals if subject if guilty of crime. PW Spell
8Discern LocationReveals exact location of creature or object.
9ImprisonmentEntombs subject beneath the earth.
Common Dieties: Justice and law deities, including Tyr, Maat, Kiri-Jolith, Torm, Saint Cuthbert, Kelemvor, Heironeous.
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