Caster's plate

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This armor is a series of light plates connected by links. The arms are unprotected to enable easy casting. A cloak is worn under the armor as chainmail would be to restrictive. instead of plates on the legs the plates on the chest continue to the middle of the lower leg on the back and front of the aromer. It also includes greaves and a helmet. (optional)

it requires a dc 22 craft check to make normal armor and a dc 27 check to make masterwork armor

Type: Mediun
Cost: 4000 gp (4500 mw)
AC Bonus: 5
Max Dex: -2
Armor Check: -5
Spell Failure: 0%
Speed 30: 20
Speed 20: 15
Weight: 25 lb
Craft Prerequisites:
Crafter Level:
Price Mod:
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In 3/3.5E, wouldn't the Max

In 3/3.5E, wouldn't the Max Dex bonus be +2, not -2, or does wearing this armor give you a -2 penalty to your Dex?


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