Nature's Bounty

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Here's a hotel that's too good to pass up; a place where the natural world and remarkable sensation meet masterfully. 'Course, the first hurdle is to find the place itself. Bytopia is host to a large forest, the Emerald Glade. Among the dozens of rivers and mile-high trees (Which are completely green, bark included) is a placid lake and waterfall. If you can find a way across the vine bridges and behind the falls, then you'll find an opening straight into Nature's Bounty. The entire location is run by Lioxricozecs (N Male Pseudodragon Bard 13, Fated), an expert stage magician and an aspiring diplomat. With a quick tongue and big hopes, he is beginning to arrange deals with landowners all over the planes, with plans to set up more flashy establishments. While he has gained a reputation among some people as a greedy robber baron, there are many others - including factions such as the Society of Sensation - who believe the dragon could take the concept of 'inn' to a new level.

The entire building is made of natural, still-growing materials. This means that the furniture is made of plants and flowers magically shaped into tables, beds, and chairs. You'll see a whole bench made out of vines at the entrance. The floor is made out of dirt, but slightly paved to make it smoother. From there you'll see a whole, well, jungle. Once you get past the front desk, you'll encounter a series of walkways and bridges over rivers, along trees the size of battleships, and through forests of giant flowers. The rooms are built directly into the wildlife, giving you a 24-hour experience. The 'building' is about six stories tall, accessed by stairways carved into some of the trees. From one of the about 60 suites, you can gain a panoramic view of the surrounding miles of forests and fields. At the bottom of the structure, construct-like plants row you through gigantic ponds, delivering you to a series of small shops, taverns and eateries. The place hosts food from all over the planes, so any cutter can eat his fill. Prices are pretty low as well. Don't fall in the water though; many fish, not necessarily harmless, swim through the water. Also, to simulate the environment even further, animals prowl through the structure, all in a fully-simulated ecosystem.

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