Guild Discount

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The alliance between the Planewalkers Guild and Snail Outfitters does have its perks, especially if you need work, or lots of gear....Prerequisites: Membership in the Planewalkers Guild Benefit: When buying items at Snail Outfitters you get a 10% discount. You also may find guide work through them should you need work (1-10 on a d20, pay according to job/DMs discretion)
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Guild Discount

It is my first stab at Guild style feats, so it is far from perfect. As to the job roll, it could be used as a hard and fast rule, or a DM suggestion. That all depends upon DM and style of play.
I have characters who love to just "**** me off," as well. That is the point when I integrate what I have for them to do with the job opportunity. Voila! Problem solved.

My intent was to provide a basic feat for Guild members which could provide some tangible benefits for the "crunchy," players when they join. It was also to show a guideline (or provide a rule in crunch oriented games) to show in a concrete fashion that MANY more job opportuities come your way when you're a member.

I try to provide both Fluff and Crunch content, as my own game is a slid mix of both. The rules are the rules until the DM throws them out the window. THat gives my rules lawyers and power games something to chew on while I wean them over to more interactive, mood and drama oriented plottlines. This appraoch will probably show through in my work as it accumulates on planewalker.


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Guild Discount

Is the dice roll for finding a job really necessary? I mean, I'm all for faction mechanics and all, but this sounds like something any DM should be able to handle.
If it's just a note for the DM, then OK, but I know players who would insist on making the roll when I have something else planned for them just to **** me off...

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