The Abyss: Voices of debauchery 1.0.0.

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Department of Humanities

Psychology/Sociology Section

For: Chief Engineer

Subject: Voices of impurity, part 1.

                The Abyss is totally random and absolutely evil. Trying to glean snatches of conversation that stays within the relative boundary of decency has been difficult.                 "A thousand pieces of gold, eh?”

                = An ambitious glabrezu (the briber didn't live long)

                “I'm bored, let's rape, murder, and pillage."

                - A common phrase in the Abyss

                 “Here, let me help you with that."

                ”Urk - !"

                - A "friendly," opportunistic human helping a clueless Prime


                "Ha! You call tha tpainful? Watch this!"

                - Vrocks entertaining themselves

                "Hey, let's eat something!"

                "Great idea!"

                "Urk - !"

                - a hezrou and nalfeshnee

Hypatia Anaxarete, Shaper 3

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