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The J'tok are a people of the mind. They are ever seeking out new knowledge and new stories. Part of this is their nature, but many J'tok take on this quest for information with an almost fanatical urgency.

All J'tok speak telepathicly, but unless they take the time to learn the language that the creature speaks, all they can sense are the most basic of emotions and thoughts. J'tok diligently train to increase their natural Psionic talents, and usually spend time meditating, trying to attune themselves to the multiverse. This is their way of searching for meaning. They find the factions to be intresting concepts, but still misguided attempts at enlightenment by creatures who lack the psionic ability to reach out and touch the multiverse with their minds. To find a J'tok aligned with a faction is almost unheard of, although one J'tok was a member of the Faternity of Order for almost a week, before deciding that its quest for knowledge would lead it farther than the Guvners library.

Physical Description:

The J'tok stand at the height of a man, and are vaugely humanoid in appearance, but that is where the similarity ends. The skin of a J'tok is like soft leather, tighly drawn across their bodies. Their skin is a pale purple, which changes to a deep blue as they age. However, the complete shift from one to the other takes most of their four hundred year lifespan to complete.

Having no mouth, the J'tok have three verticle slits which bear resembleance to gills, although they seem to provide no assistance with breathing underwater. They have no nose at all, and their eyes are sunken into their slightly oversized heads. The eyes of a J'tok are jet black, due to a thin layer of menbrane that allows them to see with ease in bright places, but causes their vision to be impaired in the dark.

In the J'toks right wrist is a long, thin stinger which can be used to eject a small amount of venom into a J'toks food, should it still be alive. This venom will typically paralyze a small creature for hours, but medium sized creatures can usually shrug off its effects in a few rounds.

This same stinger is the organ with which J'tok eat, leaching the nutrients out of their food. Most J'tok can paralyze an animal, feed, and leave the animal only dazed and unharmed.


J'tok are not a very open people, and keep to themselves most of the time. Upon first meeting a creature, they can seem very detached as they examine it, not by its current actions, but by its memories. Only when they have determined its true personality will they openly accept it.

A trusting J'tok will welcome you with open arms and a psionic aura of glee. Traveling J'tok are always eager to join a group, usually looking for a band that will be on the road for a long time. J'tok forge their bonds of friendship with care, and are very generous when it comes to helping one in need. It is not uncommon for a wandering J'tok to help the town drunk with his bar tab before continuing onward.

J'tok seem to get along well with the Githzeria, considering the githyanki to be their unofficial enemy because they are unnervingly similar in nature to the enemy that drove them from their home plane.

Alignment: Any Chaotic
Lands: The J'tok no longer have a home plane, and no known planar communities of J'tok exist.

The J’tok worship Altaneris. Altaneris is known as ‘the light that drives away the darkness, both of the mind, and of the body. In his path lay the ignorant, in his wake the enlightened.’ Or, at least, that’s what the J’tok say.

Apperantly, Altaneris saved the J'tok from destruction when their home plane was overrun by an enemy they refuse to name. Altaneris has refused to help the J'tok return to their land unless they first find redemption for past actions on the planes.

His domains are Sun, Travel and Knowledge.

Favored weapon: longsword.

Language: J'tok speak telepathically, but can only 'speak' with sentient creatures with a language it knows. Any creature who does not speak a toungue they know will only recieve mental images and projected emotions. J'tok speak common and their own racial language. J'tok can learn any language except secret languages (such as druidic).
Names: J'tok names seem to be words of the J'tok lanuage that describe their goals in life. In recent years, many J'tok have changed their name to Charnik, which means "The seeking of truths"
Male Names: Charnik, Finik, Aieik, Molyik
Female Names: Inam, S'kia, Sashic, Lis'hri
Family Names: Nerop, Quell, Harck, Anles, Hirup

J'tok constantly seek the planes in search of knowledge to reclaim their homeland. That, at least, is their overall goal. Many J'tok will spend several years in a party, seeking not only knowledge, but companionship. Who knows? Maybe adventuring is what Altaneris wanted them to do. But considering that most J'tok are constantly on the move, it could just be that they found bands of adventurers to be a perfect meduim for travel and company.

Racial Traits:

Telepathic (su): J'tok are telepathic and use this ability to communicate.

Psionics (sp): J'tok gain psionic abilities as they age, and gain in experience. These abilities are as follows

Level Ability
1mage hand (2/day), detect thoughts (1/day)
4cause fear (2/day)
6blur (1/day)
10telekineses (1/day)*
16planeshift (1/day)

*J’tok telekinesis is limited to 25 lbs, with an additional 25 lb capability for every level past 10th.

If psionics in your campaign are not magically based, then use the equilivant abilities from the Psionics Handbook.

Vision (ex): The J'tok’s eyes are black due to a thick layer on the eyeball that acts like sunglasses, making it easier to see in bright light. However, they are almost blind in the dark, so it is not uncommon for them to use their telepathic powers to borrow another person’s sight in the dark. J’tok have a -1 to spot and search checks in normal lighting, which becomes a –4 in the dark. In bright light, the have a +1 to search and spot checks. They have a +4 to all blindness checks in the plane of Radience, and are immune to the spell flare and other such light based attacks.

Stinger (ex): The stinger, when used on anything alive, will inject a small amount of venom that quickly paralyzes the target (fort save, DC 17). This allows the J’tok to feed. The injected victim will regain movement in 1d4 hours. Medium sized creatures may make an additional save at DC 20 thirty seconds after injection to shake off the effects. Creatures greater than Large size are effectively immune to this venom since not enough can be injected at one time. It is common for J’tok to paralyze their foes, and escape in the remaining time.

J’tok, having no mouth, ingest food through a straw-like stinger that jets out of their wrist. Most of the time, the stinger is sheathed inside the J’tok’s wrist. J’tok can drink with this stinger, and can suck nutrients out of raw or rare meat, or animals. They never eat anything that talks, and it is not unheard of to stumble upon a J’tok asking questions to livestock before injecting it. Note: in most cases, the J’tok can ‘stick’ an animal without causing harm.

Sensory Host Dependancy (sp): Having no ears or nose, the J’tok are unable to use these senses themselves. However, they can use their telepathic bond to borrow the senses of others. For example, they can use their telepathic bond to use the listen check of any sentient creature within 10 feet. To do this, a J'tok must make a concentration check (DC 18). When concentrating in such a way using another person's senses, a J'tok is distracted from their own view. There is a 20% chance that they will be off target if they are using the other sense to aim, having to adjust to using a third person point of veiw.

A J'tok is normally immune to sound based spells and abilities, being deaf. But when using this ability they become vulnerable so long as they are borrowing the hearing of someone in range of the effect.

When alone, a J'tok has an automatic failure on listen checks. Sensory host dependancy can be used to experience any sense the target creature possesses regardless of wither or not the target creature is normally aware of the sense. It can only be focused on one sense at a time.

Racial traits: A J’tok has the following racial traits

  • -2 strength, +2 intelligence. While their body is weak, their mind is strong.
  • Medium sized
  • Speed 30
  • Psionics, an off shoot of their telepathic powers.
  • +2 to sense motive, +2 to bluff. Their seeming utter lack of emotion makes them seem less friendly, and harder to read. But with their telepathy, they can read you just fine.
  • Proficient with: longsword
  • Favored Class: Cleric
  • Level adjustment: +1
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Okay, its down to a level adjustment +1 again. I had actually ment it to be +1, but I was thinking of the old j'tok version when I wrote down that part.

But its changed (many thanks to Kyrpter)

As for the J'tok settlement, theyre out there. A couple demiplane seeds got planted as soon as they found out how to. Mainly planted in the Etheral, they don't trust the Astral.

Remember, they were recently driven from their home by one enemy. Now that they're on the planes they see plently of races ( Illithids, Githyanki, ect) that would be happy to do it again.

They have settlements, they just ar'nt going to let anyone know about them until they feel the multiverse is a little less threating (and to fuel that effort they are secretly supplying the Githzeria to help their efforts against their enemies. a Few J'tok might even see action in the Rrakkma. But its all very hush hush)

As for their social structure, I honestly havnt given it any thought as of yet. But it is most likly very religion oriented at the moment, with preists being at the head. Ill post something in the forums if I can think of something.

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Cool concept, but I think it could use a bit more working out. For example, if there are no J'tok settlements, how do they reproduce? Births are sure to be few and far between when they're so scattered. And a few words on their society and the organisation of power within family groups and such would be good. And just a suggestion on the mechanic, LA +2 seems a bit too much. I feel that +1 or even no LA would be better.

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