Zero-g Training

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 You have a limited ability to control your movements.

 Check: With this skill, you have a limited control of your facing and movement in a zero-g environment, if there are surfaces to push off from. However, this skill only grants the character the ability to function without gravity. When in a situation where you must orient yourself without gravity, you must make a skill check with a DC 20. Failure to make this check results in a random facing of the DM’s choice. If you have an object you can use to push off of or use to somehow orient yourself, the DC is 15.

 Retry: Yes.

 Special: Using this ability untrained adds 5 to the DC unless environmental conditions dictate otherwise.

Stat: Dexterity
Untrained: Y
Armor Check: Y
Classes: Bard, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Shaper, Telepath
Other Classes: This skill is most appropriately a class skill to speed and Dexterity-based classes. All other classes would have this as a cross-class skill.
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Zero-g Training


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Zero-g Training

"Special: Using this ability untrained adds 5 to the DC unless environmental conditions dictate otherwise."

That's a little unconventional and not really necessary. If a first level character puts four ranks into this he has a +4 bonus over an untrained character anyways. If you think the DC should be higher for untrained characters you should just increase the DCs. There's no reason why someone with one rank would suddenly have a DC 5 points lower and a five point bonus. That's a cumulative of +6 for a single skill point.

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Zero-g Training

Please change the last sentence of "Other Classes." It should read "All others would have this as a cross-class skill."

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