Half Fey (Shemmie Storyhour Varient)

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Half Fey (Shemmie Storyhour Varient)

Hidden in your dreams, secluded in the nightmares of children, so rest the little ones. Long in retreat from the world of mortals and long diffused into the tiniest of forms are the fey. The Shining Folk forgotten in the mists and the creak of tree bark in the night. Into the willful ignorance of mortal kind come the Sidhe and the pixies, the selkie and the redhats. Calling a young chieftains daughter into the woods to dance awhile, or crying upon a woman picking roses at Carterhaugh, singing a woodsman to the depths of a lake in winter, or taking a hapless rider into the sea - the fey still touch our world. And they leave more oft than naught more than gold, or drunk lovers on a grassy hillside, but their own blood and kin as well, to walk amongst mortal men, and remind children that sometimes dreams are true, and sometimes what goes bump in the night one wouldn't want to bump back.

The fey themselves are a willful and powerful folk, and what comes of the occasional dalliance with one of these beings can be powerful in and of itself. The children of half fey are raised often on oneof two ways - dependant entirely on which blood their mother was. If the mother was human, more often than not a half fey would grow up in the human household - claimed when old enough to survive the fey court, or played with by its parent when none of mortal blood are around to witness. If the mother was fey, then the child would grow in the household of it's mother, seeped in the traditions and training of its immortal kin. A half fey walks both sides of the coin, and great things can be expected of them by their parents.

Of seelie or unseelie blood, a half-fey is free to choose its allegiances, its allies and its enemies. Generally the seelie court will accept a half breed with some reluctance so long as its politics and alignment are closely aligned. The higher the bloodlines of the half-feys immortal heritage the more likely the 'taint of mortality' is to be overlooked in courtly politics. The unseelie court view their very openness as a calling to most half breeds, encouraging those of more nuetral or evil tendancies to gather with those who aren't so stuck up about the prim and proper ways of doing things. This does not mean the unseelie court exempts a half-fey from the bloodythirsty results of many of their political manuvers. For the purposes of Planescape, it is important to note that fey themselves lean towards the chaotic, but their society is very rigid in social structure, intrigue, and ettiquete. While the fey are not a law based society, it would be appropriate to say they are a rules based society. There is a difference.

In this particular storyhour, the Fey have retreated to a demiplane within the Ethereal. This plane touches upon many primes - usually deep within old growth forests, or at the bottoms of lakes and rivers. In Faerun this demiplane may be accessed via the crossroads. In all cases, a return trip home for a half-fey generally results in loss of their mortal friends as the flow of time in this plane is unpredictable at best. One could lose a week in a visit lasting only minutes - or thousands of years. It's hard to say.

Challenge Rating: 4
Size: med
Speed:: 30 ft., fly 90 ft. (as Fly spell)
Armor Class: As base creature.
Special Abilities:


  • Aging (same as druid's Timeless Body)
  • Poison (magical or otherwise)
  • +4 to save against effects from Fey spells and abilities


  • 50% chance wingsIf unseelie, they are black. If seelie, clear. In either case they are insectoid, often appearing as simular to butterfly or dragonfly wings. Half fey are capable of hovering.
  • Considered an outsider with respect to spells that target outsiders.
  • Sonic resitance 20
  • Acid resistance 20
  • Darkvision 60ft
  • Lowlight vision
  • Pass Without Trace. When in natural surroundings, the character leaves no visible trail, and cannot be  tracked.
  • Faerie Fire at will.
  • Speak with Plants at will.

Spell like Abilities:     

 1   -  Obscuring Mists 2/day, Goodberry 1/day 3   -  Speak with animals 2/day, Heat Metal 1/day 5   -  Call Lightning, Protection from Elements 1/day 7   -  Water breathing 2/day, Control Plants 1/day 9   -  Tree Stride 1/day,  Flamestrike 2/day 11 -  Control Weather 1/day 13 -  Repel Metal or Stone 3/day,  True Seeing 1/day 15 -  Heal 1/day 17 -  Summon Nature's Ally IX 1/day 19 -  Wind Walk 1/day

Special Options:

Depending on the whim of player and DM involved, a half fey with wings may constantly have the wings lit with faerie fire. Aside from being a neat special effect in game, this also allows the player to associate colors on the wings with emotions and enhance the role playing experience.

As an additional option the character may be capable of concealing the wings, and thereby concealing what he or she is. With the wings out they would be mistaken for Eladrin (unless the observer were an Eladrin), with the wings in perhaps mistaken for a half elf assuming the base creature was human.

Saves: As base creature.
Abilities: Str +2, Dex +4, Con +4, Int +2, Wis +4, Cha +4
Skills: As base creature.
Feats: As base creature.
Advancement: Advance as base creature with classes.
By: Clueless
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Quite nice...

Since shemmie's game is running under 3.0 rules, that's how this has been constructed. Enough people wanted to see what the template for one of the PCs in that game was that it got put up here for them to see.

Compare the spells of half-celestials in 3.0 and I'll think you'll see these are pretty equilivant.

Eventually I'll do an article on rules vs law societies, when I have the time to breathe. Eye-wink

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Quite nice...

It seems a bit ...overpowered for a +4 character level? Or did you pay more for it? Looks more like a +8 or +10 at least considering the attributes, and resistences. Especially sinse it has no drawbacks, no neg attributes, no vulnurabilities (Surprising considering that the fey are notorios for having them) and ect.

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Quite nice...

Gerz. Look at half celestial again in 3.0. Seriously - I derived this from that, Wes did whatever changes he wanted. And you've seen it in play for over 2 years now, it's apparently not that overpowered if my character still gets his butt kicked with the rest of you (and BY the rest of you). The majority of Clueless's punch comes from his classes, not his template.

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Quite nice...

... but with some mechanical issues.

- Is "CR 4" supposed to be "CR +4"? What's the Level Adjustment on this one?

- Lose the 50% chance of having wings, either it has wings or not (as 3.5 half-celestial/fiends). Also, define maneuverability class.

- Halve the elemental resistances (again, 3.5)

- Finally, I'd drop some of the spell-like abilities, it's just too much. Maybe throw in some seelie-unseelie choices, like "choose either attraction 1/day or repulsion 1/day"?

On the fluff side, I particularly liked the society bits, and the distinction between law as in "not chaos", and laws as in "rules".

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